The Holiday plot holes

Jude Law is hot, but it’s time to talk about these five glaring plot holes in The Holiday

You’re telling me his five-year-old daughter has a phone??

We’re firmly in the middle of the time of year when ITV2 plays The Holiday on repeat literally every single night and you end up getting sucked in for the ninth time this year. We cannot for the life of us escape Jude Law as Mr napkin head or the really annoying plotline where Cameron Diaz can’t cry.

Whether you’re obsessed with The Holiday, or you’re more of a Grinch girlie yourself, you can’t deny the best thing about that film is Jude Law in those glasses. But it turns out there are actually a load of plot holes in the film.

So here are all the biggest plot holes in the classic Christmas film The Holiday:

Jude Law’s kids having phones and ringing him

Probably the biggest The Holiday plot hole is that Jude Law’s kids Sophie and Olivia have their own phones they call their dad with.

It’s used as a plot device when he’s with Amanda and seems to have mysterious phone calls from women called Sophie and Olivia. But we later learn these calls were just his daughters. But wait, aren’t his daughters literally five and seven? And we’re supposed to believe that 16 years ago we had five and seven-year-olds knocking about with their own mobile phones? Absolutely not.

The timeline is kinda impossible

So, someone has worked out that all the timelines in the film are just so so wrong. Basically, the film just shoves in a couple of fictional days that could have never have happened. The first date we get is Friday 22nd December, 2006 when Iris is having her work Christmas party and Amanda kicks her boyfriend out. The next day they do the classic house swap, meaning it would be the 23rd. So you’d think the next day would be Christmas Eve, right? Well, apparently not and there are three full days they manage to shove in before Christmas. Then we apparently learn that she is leaving in nine days and Christmas is supposed to have already happened but we know she’s definitely not staying for New Year’s?? Make it make sense!

‘I’ve got the girls New Year’s Eve’

The Holiday plot holes

Another kid-related plot hole is that when Amanda runs back to Graham in the most dramatic scene you’ve ever seen and asks to spend New Year’s with him he says “I’ve got the girls New Year’s Eve”. Well, obviously yeah?? This man is a widower, who else is going to have his children on New Years’ Eve?

The dog

The Holiday plot holes

The thing that always bothers me about this film is the dog! For starters, you would never just leave your dog with a random stranger who you know literally nothing about. I mean. did she even tell Amanda that the dog was gonna be there? Because it was never shown. And then when Amanda decides (but changes her mind) to go back to LA she was just gonna go and leave the dog without letting Iris know she was leaving? Calling the RSPCA on poor Charlie.

The taxi driver

The Holiday plot holes

When Cameron Diaz first gets to the cottage in Surrey, the taxi driver tells her that he can’t turn around outside the house so he needs to drop her off up the road. This then gives us a massive montage of her stomping about in the snow in her heels and massive suitcase. But actually when she leaves he picks her up from the house and turns around on said road.

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