Night out private school

Plan a uni night out and we’ll tell you whether you went to private school or not

If you have Whispering Angel for pres then I’ve got some bad news for you

As soon as you get to uni you can just tell who went to a fancy private school and who didn’t. Whether it’s a distinct lack of Longchamp bag, a middle name like Barnabus or Cordelia, or stories from summers spent in Salcombe or St Moritz, moving into grimy little uni halls automatically divides the poshos from the rest of us. Obviously the likes of Durham, Edinburgh, St Andrews and Exeter are literally bursting at the seams with private school kids but every single uni has them, and with them comes an echo of “rahs” and daddy’s fat chequebook. But there’s one situation that really marks out the people whose parents shipped them off to Eton or Brighton College aged 12 and that’s a uni night out.

Your pres drink of choice is either Aldi’s cheapest beers or squadka like normal people or Waitrose’s finest prosecco or Whispering Angel. But obviously, if daddy paid over £60k a year for you to learn Latin at private school then he’s gonna let you use his credit card for an Uber back from the club. God forbid you have to get the bus like the rest of us! You either line your stomach with pesto pasta or a cheeky Deliveroo order or you whip out a salmon en croute from your freezer that was whipped up by your mummy’s aga last time you visited home. Each specific step of your uni night out matches up to whether or not you are a private school girlie through and through.

So plan a uni night out and we’ll tell you whether you went to private school or not:

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