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This year’s most stunning uni room transformations that will put your dingy room to shame

Tell me why my room had silverfish and mould and some people have THIS

Unless you’re at Oxford or Cambridge and get given the most boujee room on earth, for most people a uni room is not far from a prison cell. It’s just a rite of passage. But honestly, turning that prison cell into somewhere you actually won’t be ashamed to show your mum when she comes and visits is an art.

Things like IKEA fake plants and Primark fairy lights are just a given, but some people go all out when it comes to decorating their uni room. You might decide to kit it out in Urban Outfitters, John Lewis or even PrettyLittleThing essentials, in which case I can only assume that you live in the most expensive private halls possible. Or you might have taken advantage of the Wilko closing down sales and got your entire uni shop done there, in which case you’re a legend.

But instead of mindlessly scrolling Pinterest for hours for some uni room inspo, people on TikTok have been sharing their best uni room transformations and some of them are absolutely STUNNING. Like genuinely, if the degrees don’t work out some of these girlies have successful careers in interior design ahead of them because I am obsessed!

So here are all this year’s most gorgeous uni room transformations, in case you need motivation to actually stick some fairy lights up in yours:

The way it is two storey omg


I love my uni room sm I never want to leave 😌 #uni #halls #unihalls

♬ Blue Hair – TV Girl

I need to know what uni this is immediately and I’m applying because I want two storeys in my room! The little nook for the bed is adorable. Extra points for the avocado Jelly Cat!

Ah, the classic combo of curtain lights and vines


#uni #university #universitytips #universityaccomodation #uniaccomodation #dorm #dormlife #dormroom

#uni #university #universitytips #universityaccomodation #uniaccomodation #dorm #dormlife #dormroom

Could have a 10/10 posh girlie pamper evening here. Very much cosy vibes all round.

Imagine having a whole fireplace in your uni room


so beautiful 🫶🫶

♬ original sound – Krisha Shah

Of COURSE this is Cambridge. It literally has a fireplace with either some Roman numerals or Latin words and it’s the most Cambridge thing I’ve ever seen. And as if the window itself wasn’t boujee enough, of course the video captures some rowers just casually rowing past.

I will simply never be over the PIANO


apparently its a thing in the uk that dorm rooms come with a piano ? #uniroom #roomtour #dorm #decor #oxforduniversity #roomtransformation #roominspo #accommodation #halls #oxbridge #beforeandafter

♬ Strangers – Kenya Grace

Now this one will always top the list as the fanciest uni room in the UK. It’s at Brasenose College at Oxford and has a piano, fire place and double bed. “Having a piano is peak pretentious Oxford student if you ask me, and that’s who I am now, ” Caitlin, who is the lucky student to have this room, told The Tab.

Love the rug and tapestry


#fyp #uniroom #transformation #oxforduniversity #oxbridge #freshers2023

♬ original sound – sped up song 🎵

So not as typically Oxford as some of these other rooms but this is a very cute transformation. The tapestry and rug are really giving and love the cherry bath mat.

Putting actual framed pictures on the wall is brave


uni room finally decorated #uni #uniroom #halls #uniroomdecor

♬ original sound – 𝐓𝐑𝐔𝐒𝐈𝐎𝐍

I’m gonna need someone to tell me where to get those rainbow lights I keep seeing in all these rooms because they’re so vibey. Although, I’m slightly terrified for this person’s deposit given they’ve put actual frames on the wall. Looks cute though.

This must have taken soooo long


Potential inspo for freshers starting this year 🙂 !!! Lowkey miss my lil room #fyp #uni #uniroomtransformation #uniroom #uniaccomodation #freshers

♬ original sound – 💝💝

This room just looks so chaotic and comforting all at the same time. The wall decorations must have taken so long to do and I’m not envious of having to take them all down at the end of the year, though.

Loses points for the curtains


The salt lamp is suggesting that we have an astrology and crystal girlie here and the room transformation definitely shows it. But tell my WHY unis decided those god awful curtains were ever a good idea. They are really giving PGL bedding from 2008.

Very clean chic girlie vibes


shes cute #university #uniroom #firstyear #uoa #freshers #unidorm #foryoupage #fyp

♬ Lady killer – Ann ୨ৎ

Wowing over the LED sign! Also loving the blue colour scheme. You just know that this girl has her life together. She’s got a 12-step skincare routine and always puts a glass of water and paracetamol next to her bed for when she gets back from a night out.

Every uni room should come with a built in disco ball


New uni house= new rooommm #manchester #uni #unihouse

♬ Not Allowed – .

Okay so technically a second-year room but the disco ball edition meant it was heading straight on the list here.

This made me want a lava lamp


i love my uni room🤭 AD @UniHomes #fyp #foryou #uniroom #uniroomtransformation #uniroomtour #uniroomdecor #cardiffuni #uni #unihomesambassador #uniroominspo

♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

Let’s make lava lamps mainstream again, please.

I would never leave my room


Yeah I’m afraid with the aesthetic of this room mixed with the fact that there’s a whole projector in there would mean I would never leave.

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