Elphaba TikTok card machine

Um, TikToker Elphaba has bought a card machine and is charging fans a fiver for a selfie

She made over £65 at a Bristol student club night from photos with people

TikToker Elphaba has bought a card machine to charge fans a fiver to take photos with her.

In a screen recording of a TikTok livestream, she can be seen showing off the card machine and saying: “If you want a photo its a fiver. It’s a fiver I’m too famous. Elphaba is too famous.”

Elphaba Orion Doherty is a 19-year-old TikToker who gained popularity after just pure belting out Defying Gravity from Wicked for months and months. She is a trans creator, originally known in her earlier days on the app for her messy friendship with Jack, another trans TikTok creator. The two would often duet Wicked songs, but Jack cut Elphaba out of his life last year. She currently has 311.2k followers and 139.2k likes.

In a different live stream when a viewer in the comments asks: “What if I can’t afford it?” she replies: “Then I do apologise but I won’t be taking a photo with you.”

She adds: “What I’ll do is from now on, I’ll hold out a card reader. That’s what I’ll be doing! And it will be a fiver a photo. I’ll make a fucking fortune to be honest. It’s a clever way of doing it. And if people can’t afford that I’ll just go bye, see you later.

“Remember, they’re the ones wanting my attention, not me wanting their attention. So if they want my attention and they want me so bad, they can pay for it.”


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On Monday night, Elphaba went out clubbing in Bristol and used the card machine for the first time. On a livestream following the night out she said: “Tonight was insane, it was mad. I was recognised everywhere and I charged for once! And I got money, I got £65 in cash and got more in cashless because I have a card machine. And everyone was good with it as well. There were only two people that didn’t like it but everyone else was like I respect you for doing that.”


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She then proceeds to get the cash she received out and ask: “Like how the fuck did my face get this money? And that was just cash people had.” Elphaba was spotted charging fans for photos in both SWX and OMG in Bristol.


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One person on TikTok even messaged SWX to let them know about Elphaba charging people for photos inside the club. They said: “Good morning. I just wanted to bring this to your attention. This person was in your premises ‘trading’ the other evening. Not only is she doing this without your consent, she is NOT a registered business, has no public liability insurance and most certainly isn’t VAT registered. This has also been referred to OFCOM as well due to this person ‘trading’ to severely intoxicated people where she has completely failed her duty of care.”


Since then, in a livestream last night, Elphaba said she will just be charging people in the streets outside club rather than inside the venues.

She said: “I’ve come to a decision with the £5 thing I’m gonna be doing it in the streets rather than in the venues. I’ve learnt a new law today and basically I was charging outside in smoking areas but you’re not actually allowed to do it without permission in a club.”


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On the same night, Elphaba was also seen in UWE Bristol halls serenading students. Imagine just trying to pre for a night out and in rocks Elphaba singing her heart out. Madness.

To be fair though, get that bag queen!

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