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Orange optical illusion

Only people with the ‘sharpest vision’ can spot the odd orange in under four seconds

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Right, there’s nothing better to crush your self-worth than silly little optical illusions that either tell you you’re not a genius and you’re probably not smarter than a ten-year-old and that you are probably going blind or that you have severe trust issues in all your relationships.

Instead of judging how smart I am on, you know, my degree or something genuine, my toxic trait is basing it all on optical illusions that literally drive me up the wall. But there’s a new optical illusion and this one tells you whether you have sharp vision or not by making you find the odd one out of these orange emojis in four seconds or under.

So, what is the orange optical illusion that tells you if you have the ‘sharpest vision’ or not?

Orange optical illusion

For this optical illusion, it initially just looks like six identical rows of identical orange emojis. But out of the 66 in the picture, there’s actually one that’s different from the rest of them and you’ve got to find it within four seconds to officially get bragging rights for having the ‘sharpest vision’.

If you’re struggling, here’s a hint: The odd one out is on the right side of the picture so have a closer look on that side.

Spoiler alert: Stop scrolling now unless you want the answers revealed!

Orange optical illusion

The odd orange out is at the very end of the row, four rows down. You can tell it’s slightly different because it’s turned at a different angle from the rest of the oranges. This one is facing head on whilst every other orange is slightly tilted.

So if you got the odd one out straight away and this one was a bit too easy for you, have a look if you can spot the hidden lightbulb in this image or if you can see the woman in this slightly creepy optical illusion.

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