Josh memes Twitter explained

Okay but, who is Josh and why is he all over your feed right now? Josh memes explained

It’s Josh o’clock somewhere!

Right then, if you’ve spent any time on Twitter over the last 24 hours, you’ve undoubtedly been left as confused as I was with your entire feed just being memes about… Josh?

At first, you probably thought it was something to do with Josh Hutcherson after that whistle meme of him was literally everywhere a few weeks ago.

But it’s actually nothing to do with a person at all and is actually about a brand of wine??

So since they’re all over your feed, this is where all the Josh memes came from:

Basically, the Josh memes all started after @OptimusGrind__ on Twitter tweeted a picture of a wine called Josh with the caption “I’m not gonna keep telling y’all to grow up and leave that Stella & Barefoot alone”.

The tweet was basically joking that the Josh wine was better than cheap brands like Barefoot. But after this, people have just gone wild over the wine all because, well, its name is Josh.

It’s been made into a massive meme all over Twitter and I’m not gonna lie I’m kind of obsessed with the whole saga.

How much does Josh Wine cost?

Well, according to Majestic Wines, a single bottle of Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon will set you back £15.99. It’s cheaper id you buy in a bundle of six though! Brb making Josh my drink of choice for pres from now on.

So pop open the Josh and enjoy the best memes about Josh wine:

Josh wine EVERY night

— Sam (@JediTrombone) January 12, 2024

— ppigg (@s4m31p4n) January 14, 2024

Stop this right now

I’m afraid it’s contagious!


The perfect combo x

A classic

It’s Josh o’clock somewhere!


So happy for team Josh

I simply must have a wine named after me

I want what that horse has

Never deleting Twitter

But here we are!

Perfect x

The ultimate betrayal

I fear everyone called Josh will never live this down

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