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One Day Arthur's Seat

One Day’s Leo Woodall said he had a ‘horrible experience’ filming up Arthur’s Seat

I’ll never watch this scene the same again

Judging by all the vibey behind-the-scenes pics of the One Day cast filming the show, the cast are all really good mates and really enjoyed filming it and breaking everyone’s hearts in the process.

But, Leo Woodall who plays Dexter in the show has revealed he had a “horrible experience” filming a really key scene from the show and it was all because he had food poisoning. He’s just like me with tummy troubles for real x

Speaking to Elle, he said the hardest scene to film was up Arthur’s Seat at the start of the show. Not because it was overly emotional or anything, but because he was really unwell.

He said: “The hardest scene to film, for me, was a day on Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. We were at the top of this big, big, almost mountain. And I had food poisoning. So we had to do the entire scene with me… you know… really not having a good time.”

One Day Arthur's Seat

Our king powering through (Via Instagram)

He added: “But I couldn’t come off the mountain because we’d lose all the day [of filming]. So, I just had to kind of plough through.

“But it was a horrible experience. ”

In another interview, Ambika Mod also spoke about what it was like filming the heartbreaking box room scene where she comes back as an almost ghost. She said: “I remember that box room scene being a really, really special day of filming.

“We hadn’t really seen each other in a while – a while being, like, maybe four or five days – and we cut and everything was just quiet. We both felt that we’d done some really special work that day – it felt significant and special. Even though we hadn’t spent that much time with these characters. Yeah, I’ve rewatched episode 14 like 10 times, I will never get over it.” Me too tbh.

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