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Guys, apparently what you see in this optical illusion tells you your ‘hidden brain power’

Adding that I have hidden powers to my CV x

Here we go again! There’s a new optical illusion doing the rounds that’s gonna bug you literally all day. But the silver lining with this one is, instead of making you feel rubbish about yourself for not having a superior IQ or 20/20 vision, it’s actually gonna reveal your brain’s superpower and I could not be more excited.

So, if you want to find your hidden brain power, what do you see first in this optical illusion?

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So, there’s two animals you can be looking for in the optical illusion and the one you see first will tell you your “hidden brain power”.

But I don’t know about you but I am STILL only seeing a monkey in that. So if you’re still struggling to see both, the answers are below.

Spoiler alert: Stop scrolling if you don’t want the optical illusion to be revealed:

If you see a monkey first, apparently your brain’s right hemisphere is more active than the left, indicating that you embody the essence of creativity and innovation. Your approach to problem-solving leans heavily on intuition, which tends to guide you correctly more often than not.

optical illusion


“You embrace the philosophy that every experience in life, including setbacks, is a valuable lesson steering you closer to your aspirations. For you, the journey holds more significance than the destination itself, reflecting a profound appreciation for the process and the growth it brings. As a natural dreamer, you find yourself frequently adrift in the vastness of your imagination, a trait that, while enriching, necessitates occasional grounding to ensure you remain connected to the reality that surrounds you.”

But, if you saw a tiger’s head first, your brain’s left hemisphere is apparently more active than the right, indicating that you possess an analytical and organized approach to life. You are remarkably goal-oriented, approaching tasks and challenges with a methodical and well-structured plan.

“When confronted with problems, your inclination is towards logical, calculative, and objective solutions, relying heavily on your ability to dissect and understand the situation at hand. This analytical prowess often results in you being somewhat adamant about the decisions you make. However, you need to consider the perspectives and opinions of others. Embracing a bit of humility can enhance your decision-making process and interpersonal relationships.”

Just buzzing my brain now has a hidden mind power tbh. Adding it to the CV.

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