Meet Queenzziel0cthevoice, the woman singing ‘Although enjoyment’ all over your TikTok


If you’ve spent any time on TikTok in the last 24 hours, you’ve probably been absolutely plagued by videos of that woman singing a cover of “What Was I Made For?” from the Barbie Movie. You know, the “ALTHOUGH ENJOYMENT” woman? Yeah, her.

But if you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to her sweet, sweet voice, here is one of her many covers:


#duet with @Emma White #whatwasimadefor #gimmethemic #queenzzielocthevoice

♬ original sound – Emma White

She went viral after duetting a million karaoke covers of Billie Eilish’s song where she just does her own thing, sings completely the wrong tune, puts her whole soul into it and honestly, she kind of slays.

But who is TikToker @Queenzziel0cthevoice singing ‘Although enjoyment’ all over my FYP?

Queenzziel0cthevoice, whose real name is Teresa Smith, is a singer songwriter from Macon, Georgia.

She’s recently been going viral for her wacky covers of Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” She is normally seen in her signature brightly coloured hair and huge eyelashes absolutely belting at her phone.

She’s posted over 40 covers of “What Was I Made For” and has 439.6k followers and 23.7 million likes on TikTok.

Since then, people have been parodying the singer and making “ALTHOUGH ENJOYMENT” videos of their own.


raaaawwr she said #althoughenjoyment #billieeilish #barbie #fyp

♬ original sound – Kate Rebello – Kate Rebello

Her TikTok bio reads: “I’m a singer, songwriter, comedian, actress, activist.” The girl’s got it all!

One person even made a Queenlizziel0cthevoice choir and compiled all of her covers together into on. How moving.


what u said queen #queenlocthevoice #althoughenjoyment #floptok #fypシ #CapCut

♬ original sound – bjorksbussyquake

But besides the covers, Teresa is also a songwriter and shares some of her original songs on TikTok.

Queenlizziel0cthevoice’s music can also be listened on Spotify. Her “Billie Eilish cover unfortunately isn’t on there, but a selection of her original songs such as “Self-esteem”, “Broke Man” and “Imma Fat Bitch I love Me” are all on there.

She’s also signed to a record label called 2047752 Records DK where she has an album out called “Multiple Personalities Album” that was released in July 2021.

A self-proclaimed activist, Teresa has a link to charity Black Women in Motion in her Instagram bio. The charity “empowers the advancement of black women and survivors of sexual violence.”

A big family woman, Teresa is a mum and grandma, often sharing videos of her family.

If you want to get the rainbow eyeshadow to Match Queenzzielocthevoice, she also posts makeup tutorials soundtracked to her own songs.


#positivevibes #queenzzielocthevoicesinging #gimmethemic #wigs #beauty #ilovetorock

♬ I love to Rock – Queenzzielocthevoice

On her website, she has a bio that reads: “Hello my name is Queenzzielocthevoice I’m a singer songwriter from Georgia. I write I sing all types of music and I’m a very creative person. I was born with a gift at a early age. I have a lot of haters that don’t like me and they’re jealous of me. That takes my songs on TikTok very jealous of me talk about me like a dog, defamation of character but I still hold my head up high because nobody can’t stop me.”

Going to need Billie Eilish to do a duet with her ASAP.

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