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Quiz: Do a food shop and we’ll tell you which Russell Group uni you should actually go to

If your basket is full of Sabra hummus then you’re definitely an Exeter girlie

You can tell a lot about a person by their food shop. Specifically, you can tell a lot about a student and which uni they belong at through their big Tesco haul. Is it toast or cereal for breakfast? What is your go-to pasta shape? What about crisps? Fruit? The choices are endless.

A-Level Results Day was last week and hundreds of thousands of students went into Clearing, stuck with the tough decision of which uni they want to go to. There are a lot of factors at play when picking at uni. How good the city is for a night out, the price of a pint, league tables, how close it is to home, the list is endless. You might have eventually come to a decision and be busy making a long packing list for absolutely everything you think you might need. But maybe you’re still wondering if your university of choice is actually right for you.

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So, if you’re still freaking out about whether your heading to the right uni, take this quiz which will tell you which Russell Group uni you really belong at based on what you pick in your big food shop. Whether your a basic ham sandwich, ready salted Walkers and a sparkling water kind of person or your trolley is full of Sabra hummus, lemon San Pellegrino and organic dragon fruit, there’s a uni somewhere that will welcome you with open arms, and you’ll fit right in.

Pick a food shop and we’ll tell you which Russell Group uni you should actually go to:

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