Gogglebox Saltburn

Guys, this is your PSA that the Gogglebox icons will be reacting to Saltburn tonight

Seated for Jenny and Lee screaming at the grave scene

Guys, PSA that Gogglebox is back tonight and they’re watching SALTBURN. No, this isn’t a joke and this news has fully made my entire week better. I am seated so hard.

Gogglebox’s new season starts tonight and will show everyone’s favourites reacting to Barry Keoghan shagging a grave and slurping up Jacob Elordi’s jizz filled bathwater. I literally cannot stop thinking how Jenny and Lee will react. It might be like three months late to the hype but I will forgive them for just how iconic I can feel it’s going to be.

The episode description reads: “The armchair critics share their opinions on the revamped Gladiators, get loved up with First Dates: Be My Valentine, and give their unmissable takes on the movie Saltburn. Plus: Trigger Point, Bring the Drama, The Repair Shop, This Morning and BBC News coverage of President Joe Biden.”The tonal whiplash we’re gonna get from Saltburn to BBC News?? Cinema.

So as you are sat literally counting down the seconds until we can see how they all react, here are a couple of predictions as to how some of the Gogglebox families might react:

Giles and Mary

This is the one I am most excited for, I have to say. Giles and Mary are the only Tory couple I will accept. I can imagine Giles giving it all this saying he doesn’t get what all the fuss is about when they first show all the posh Oxford scenes and them heavily relating to the Catton fam. That is until they get to the bath scene, then the vampire scene and obviously the grave scene where he’s telling Mary to put one of the classic couch cushions over her eyes. I can practically hear “Oh Mary!” already. He is a comedic legend but Mary will probs find a way to make it blasphemous about the Queen or something let’s be honest.

Jenny and Lee

Really hoping Jenny and Lee have whipped out another face mask/yoghurt combo whilst they watch the bath scene and get deeply disturbed with what they’re eating as soon as Barry starts slurping. There’s looking to be a whole lot of screaming, a lot of wheezy laughs from Pete when he’s dying at Jenny’s reaction and maybe a Line of Duty-esque notebook from Jenny. I cannot WAIT.

Pete and Sophie

Gogglebox Saltburn

The king and queen of Blackpool genuinely wouldn’t surprise me if they had a matching pair of these mugs ready for the occasion if their previous collection is anything to go by.

Gogglebox Saltburn

Via Etsy

Just ready for some great vibes and one-liners fro these two to be honest. When Saltburn first came out everyone was like “Oh my GOD don’t watch this with your family” so very excited to see these siblings be forced to watch it together.

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