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light bulb optical illusion

Only people with the highest IQs can spot the hidden light bulb in this optical illusion

I have been staring at this for what feels like 32 years

Instead of basing my IQ or intelligence on, you know, my actual degree, my toxic trait is spending way too long on every silly little optical illusion or test that tells me how clever I am that pops up on my social media. Recently we’ve had a test from real-life spies that convinced everyone they needed a career change to the next 007 as well as viral maths quizzes and creepy optical illusions.

But guess what, we’ve got ourselves another one! And this time you’ve got to find the hidden picture of the light bulb in this optical illusion of a cartoon library. Apparently, only people with high IQs can solve it within 11 seconds, which says a lot considering the fact I’ve been trying to find the bloody thing for the best part of an hour. Send help.

So, what is the tricky find the light bulb optical illusion that tells you your IQ?

light bulb optical illusion

On the first look, this just looks like your generic cartoon picture of some kids and a librarian in a library. But there’s actually a mysterious lightbulb hidden somewhere in the picture and it’s been said that if you can find it in 11 seconds then you’re in the top two per cent of IQs.

One of the books in the picture is upside down which gives you the clue that something might be hidden near it. There are a load of other objects on the shelves including a globe, an elephant, a genie lamp and a cactus but none of them help with finding the lightbulb and proving yourself as a genius.

But if you’re here just looking for the answer of where the lightbulb actually is, here it is:

Spoiler incoming!

The lightbulb is on the bottom shelf of the bookcase towards the right near the woman. It’s a yellow book with a picture of a lightbulb on it. Now I’ve seen it I feel so incredibly stupid and can’t seem to notice anything else.

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