So, apparently Harry Styles went to someone’s uni halls and cleaned their flat for two hours

He was reportedly ‘appalled’ at how dirty it was

A lot of people were fuming at Harry Styles last month after he shaved his head and went bald. I’m still grieving the loss of his luscious locks don’t talk to me. But a lot of people’s favourite Harry hair era is 2013 Harry when it was short and he kind of looked like a fetus.

Well apparently when he was in that era, Harry Styles was kicking about in someone’s uni halls helping them clean their kitchen. Actually imagine.

Basically, someone has posted a TikTok of a Reddit thread claiming that Harry Styles went to their girlfriend’s uni halls in 2012 to visit a friend and was so appalled at how dirty their flat was that he spent two hours helping them clean up.

The video reads: “I dated a girl once who lived in the same uni halls as a girl who was friends with Harry Styles. He came to visit her once (when he was with T Swift) and was appalled at how dirty their halls were so he spent two hours cleaning up.

“Height of 1D fame, dating Taylor Swift, but still cool enough to clean up someone else’s flat and sleep on the sofa? That’s a great guy right there.”

The picture of him washing up at the sink, bottle of Fairy by his side, is only of the back of his head but does look scarily like Harry from that era dressed all in black with the classic skinny jeans.

One of the top comments reads “WHAT IN THE WATTPADD” and it’s so true. The whole story is giving: “I tossed my long black hair up into a messy bun and put on my galaxy leggings because my mum just told me she sold me to One Direction.”

One person commented: “I believe the story is true and the halls is QMR [Glasgow uni], I worked there for a bit during my undergrad and the security guard told this story a couple of times haha.” Another person agreed with this and said he was visiting his old friend Ellis at Glasgow uni and went a couple of times while she was there.

But another person claimed the story was at Sheffield Uni in 2012 so I guess we’ll never know. It’s most likely one of those classic uni urban myths that float around most unis, but I’m gonna keep delusioning myself into thinking it’s real.

Mr Harry Styles loves a blue VK pass it on x

We are working to clarify the full story of Harry Styles’ uni hall escapades and updates will follow so if you have any information on this, please get in touch [email protected]

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