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Matt Rife yodelling kid

So, people are just realising that Matt Rife once fully went for the Walmart yodelling kid

He mocked the 12-year old’s birthmark

Comedian Matt Rife is in hot water at the minute after he made a joke about domestic violence during one of his stand-up shows. People were horrified after his Netflix special Natural Selection featured a “joke” about women getting black eyes from their partners for not being able to cook.

He’s also recently been called out for telling a six-year-old that Santa isn’t real. He told TikToker Bunny Hedaya’s son that his Christmas presents would be bought with “money she makes on OnlyFans.”

But this isn’t the first time he went for a literal child unprovoked. People are only just realising that he attacked the Walmart yodelling kid on Twitter a few years ago and it was so uncalled for.

If you don’t remember the absolute legend Mason Ramsey, he went viral in 2018 with a video of him yodelling in Walmart.

Also in 2018, when he was 12 years old, Mason posted a Selfie on Twitter with Post Malone. But Matt Rife, who was 23 at the time, quote tweeted him “Fucks on your forehead? Some gum?” in reference to the birthmark on Mason’s face.

Matt Rife yodelling kid

Mason then replied: “It’s a birthmark, not all of us are perfect.”

He then quickly backtracked and responded to Mason: “You ARE perfect bro. Was genuinely curious lol I’ve got your new single on repeat little man. Keep doin big things.”

Matt Rife yodelling kid

One person posted a TikTok of the Twitter altercation with the caption “The Matt Rife door should have been closed years ago”. Some of the comments read: “Saying this to a kid is wild”, “The way the literal child handled this situation was so mature”, and “that was literally so unnecessary for him to say.”

Matt Rife has been contacted for comment. 

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