One Day’s Ambika Mod has spoken out about filming THAT heartbreaking box room scene

Sending my therapy bill to the people who made this show

I don’t think there’s been a TV show to break my heart as much as Netflix’s new One Day since Normal People and I’m really not okay. The whole show pulls you in with a vibey soundtrack, gorgeous filming locations and gorgeous Leo Woodall only to literally rip your heart to shreds in the final episode. Genuinely haven’t stopped crying since.

The last 20 minutes had everyone in bits but now Ambika Mod who played Emma in the series has spoken about filming THAT final scene with Dexter in the box room and I am SO glad to the interviewer who asked her because it has not left my brain since.

One Day box room scene

Via Netflix

So here’s what Ambika Mod had to say about One Day’s heartbreaking ghost box room scene:

She said that they filmed that episode right at the beginning and it was a “really special day of filming.”

She told GQ: “I remember that box room scene being a really, really special day of filming. We hadn’t really seen each other in a while – a while being, like, maybe four or five days – and we cut and everything was just quiet. We both felt that we’d done some really special work that day – it felt significant and special. Even though we hadn’t spent that much time with these characters. Yeah, I’ve rewatched episode 14 like 10 times, I will never get over it.” Me too tbh.

One Day box room scene

Via Netflix

Ambika, who first became known for playing Shruti in This is Going to Hurt, added: “We shot episodes 1,2, 3 and 14 at the beginning, because of all the Edinburgh stuff. There were days when Leo was being 40 and then 23 and then 40 again. It was one of the first couple of shoots.

“What I love about that scene in particular is that it’s actually just her voice. You’ve heard a lot of people, when they lose someone they love, say that they’ve forgotten what they sound like. And I love that it’s Emma telling him what would happen to him if he gets drunk tonight and passes out. But really, it’s his own thoughts telling him but in Emma’s voice. I think that’s really significant and harks back to the way that she has changed him and impacted him and made him a better person.”

I fear I will never recover from this.

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