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Explained: What is happening on Oxford Street today?

A post calling for a mass robbery at JD on Oxford Street is circulating on TikTok

A police dispersal order has been put in place and the Mayor of London has urged people not to go to Oxford Street in London.

But what is actually happening on Oxford Street today? This is a developing story, here’s everything we know right now.

A rumour of a planned mass robbery today has been circulating on TikTok. The rumour originated from a Snapchat screenshot calling for a robbery at the JD store on Oxford Street at 3pm today.

The screenshot reads: “Oxford Circus JD Robbery. Dress Code: Need bally and gloves.”

It also says: “Don’t come if you can’t run. Don’t come if you’re loud. Don’t come with any weapons”

TikTok screenshot of Oxford street robbery

A dispersal order, which gives police more powers to ask people to leave certain areas, has been put in place from 11am yesterday to 10am on Thursday, giving police officers the power to exclude people from the area for 48 hours. Anyone who does not comply can be arrested.

The Metropolitan Police said there will also be heightened police presence around the area today.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: “I am worried about this nonsense we have seen on TikTok encouraging people to go to Oxford Street. The police understand why some people may be tempted to go to that part of London because of the TikTok.”

“I’d encourage anybody who’s seen it not to go to Oxford Street. Do not allow yourself to be sucked into an area that could be high crime area. It won’t be because the police work incredibly hard with the local community with the retailers in that part of London, and with those citizens who want to have a good day out on Oxford Street rather than being worried about that sort of nonsense.”

This is a developing story. More updates to follow. 

Featured image before edits via Johen Redman on Unsplash.

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