Grace Beverley wedding

Influencer Grace Beverley criticised for asking followers to buy her products to fund her wedding

She apparently has an estimated net worth of over £8 million

Grace Beverley, influencer and founder and CEO of activewear company TALA, has been criticised for asking her followers to buy her £42 digital productivity planners in order to pay for her wedding.

Grace Beverley founded TALA in 2019 whilst she was studying music at Oxford. She was featured on the Forbes Under 30 list and, as of last year, had an estimated net worth of over £8 million. She currently has over one million Instagram followers.

Yesterday, she posted a selfie on her Instagram story with the caption: “Just had a potential wedding planner meeting and all I’m saying is you better buy that digital planner tomorrow because I’m sorry I did not know weddings were that expensive???? Anyone got contacts in Vegas?? Magaluf?? Not feeling v picky rn.”

Posting a screenshot of the story on X, one person said: “Multi-millionaire influencer from an already wealthy family asking her followers to buy £42 digital planners to fund a wedding she can absolutely already afford!!! These people I swear hahaha.”

One person replied: “Look at how entitled she sounds in that. I’d unfollow immediately.”

Another person added: “Eeeee why do so many rich people have no shame!!!! I suppose that’s why they’re rich, they’re happy to exploit working people”.

“Absolutely no shame” someone else replied.

The productivity planners she is promoting cost £42 to download onto the app Notion which one person described as “hard to use”. According to her website, they make “getting shit done simple. We’re all about working smarter, not harder.”

Grace got engaged earlier this month at Hôtel du Cap-Eden Roc, a luxury five star hotel in Antibes, South of France. Just one night there costs up to£1,224 per night so if the engagement is anything to go by, her wedding is going to be FANCY.

In 2021, Grace also came under fire after she released her self-help book Working Hard, Hardly Working which spoke about how she got to her position. One tweet at the time said: “Waitttt so this Grace Beverley chick releases a self help book about “hard work” yet comes from a multimillionaire real estate tycoon family? LMAOO.”

Grace’s mum is Victoria Beverley, the daughter of a multimillionaire property developer. She went to St Paul’s Girls Private School which costs £9,982 a year and then studied at St Peter’s College Oxford. Her family literally has its own Coat of Arms.

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