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‘Thanks it’s Depop!’: These are the UK universities with the most Depop and Vinted girlies

AKA the skinny scarf uni ranking

Uni is an absolute breeding ground for all the Depop and Vinted girlies. You can’t compliment someone’s top while you’re drunk in a club toilet on a uni night out without being told “Omg it was only a fiver on Depop!” before being forced to follow their Depop shop.

But in new rules announced by this week, the uni students making bank by selling their old Urban Josie tops might be losing out now HMRC is cracking down on people with side hustles. The new rules, which came into place on the 1st of January, mean that sites like Depop and Vinted have to report the income sellers are making to ensure people aren’t dodging tax.

But which UK uni has the most Vinted and Depop girlies? Well, the NatWest Student Living Index has worked out which UK university students spend the most money buying wavy garms each month.

The UK student national average spend on things like clothes and shoes is £34.48 a month, which works out to only £8.62 a week. So it’s safe to say that even if my degree isn’t above the national student average at least my monthly clothing spend is!

But the student city with the most Depop and Vinted girlies is officially London with an average monthly spend of £49.20. They’ve gotta have something to make them feel better for spending their entire loan on rent I guess. Spending an average of £45.72 a month on clothes, London is closely followed by Manchester and Birmingham with £42.35 per month.

But on the other end of the spectrum is York whose students only spend around £17.89 a month on clothes, shoes and fashion accessories. Slightly above York is its rival Lancaster with a £17.94 monthly spend.

So, these are the UK university students that spend the most money on clothes, shoes and accessories or, in other words, the unis with the most Depop and Vinted girlies:

21. York – £17.89 per month

20. Lancaster – £17.94 per month

19. Cambridge – £20.14 per month

18. Lincoln – £23.48 per month

17. Edinburgh – £24.58 per month

16. Nottingham – £26.14 per month

15. Leicester – £27.08 per month

14. Glasgow – £28.84 per month

13. Oxford – £31.32 per month

12. Bristol – £31.52 per month

11. Coventry – £31.62 per month

Uni Depop

10. Cardiff – £31.84 per month

9. Newcastle – £33.35 per month

8. Leeds – £34.12 per month

7. Sheffield – £34.89 per month

6. Portsmouth – £36.80 per month

5. Liverpool – £40.27 per month

4. Bournemouth – £40.81 per month

3. Birmingham – £42.35 per month

2. Manchester – £45.72 per month

1. London – £49.20 per month

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