Gabbie Hanna

One year on from her ‘manic episode’ on TikTok, Gabbie Hanna is back as a Zumba teacher

Last year she concerned fans after she posted 140 TikToks in less than 24 hours and let a stranger into her house

So Gabbie Hanna has officially made her return to social media after nearly a year away and in a new move, she’s now a Zumba teacher.

She’s been away from the internet since early last year after she experienced a self-described “manic episode” on TikTok.

The previously controversial YouTuber and TikToker concerned her fans after she posted over 140 TikToks in less than 24 hours, including speaking about religion and death and posting multiple videos of her letting a stranger into her house.

She addressed the “concerning” TikToks at the time saying she experienced a “manic episode”. She said: “It’s no secret I’m bipolar but I’ve never experienced a manic state before. That was a brand new thing for me that I was experiencing in real time with all of you guys.”

But now she’s back on social media to promo her new role as a dance fitness instructor at her local YMCA.

In a video posted to the Lawrence County YMCA’s Instagram, Gabbie introduced herself as the new fitness instructor. She says: “You want to know the real secret to meeting your fitness goals? Cardio? Sure, that’s a part of it. Strength? Okay, also a part of it….But the real secret, the thing that’s going to ensure you meet your goals? Consistency.”

“You wanna know the number one secret for consistency? Fun! Your workout doesn’t have to be boring. Your workout can be as fun as a night out dancing with your friends! And it should be!

“My name is Gabbie and I’m your new instructor at the Lawrence County YMCA” she adds before dancing around and twerking.

“No dance experience required. All fitness levels encouraged. Looking good starts with feeling good. Come take a class today and thank yourself tomorrow.”

She’s running Zumba, ballet body and stretch and breathe classes.

Gabbie’s fans shared their excitement at her return on the post with one saying: “YAYYY we’ve missed Gabbie, she looks great!! so glad she’s happy and healthy,” and another person adding: “She has light in her eyes again!!!”

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