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Attention film girlies! These are the uni cities where a cinema ticket costs you the most

Imagine having to fork out over 15 quid to see Saltburn

It feels like everyone is in their film era at the moment. No one is over their Saltburn obsession yet, good films are coming out left right and centre, it’s awards season AND uni boys on Hinge have begun forcing you to follow them on Letterboxd and read all their deep and intellectual opinions on their awful taste in movies. Hurray!

But sometimes at uni it can feel like you never have time or the money to actually make it to the cinema because you spend all your money on going out and you probably just end up watching something like Gilmore Girls over and over again. But if you do actually want to go to the cinema whilst you’re at uni, which uni should you go to for it to be cheaper? And if you’re gagging to watch the new Mean Girls coming out this week, which uni will save you the most money?

Well, UniFresher has made a ranking of each university city and how much the average cinema tickets costs. So, if you want cheap cinema tickets, the uni you should be going to is Cardiff Met which has an average ticket price of £6, closely followed by Sheffield Hallam and Exeter at £6.50 and £7.50. But the most expensive uni to be a film girly at is The University of Roehampton which has an average cinema ticket price of £15. This is followed by Loughborough at £13.50 and Edinburgh at £12.50.

So these are the UK university cities where it will cost you the most to go to the cinema:

27. Cardiff Met – £6

26. Sheffield Hallam – £6.50

25. University of Exeter – £7.50

24. University of Nottingham – £8

23. St Andrews – £8

22. University of Glasgow – £8.25

21. University of Manchester

2o. University of Lincoln – £9

19. University College London – £9.25

18. Lancaster University – £9.50

17. University of Southampton – £9.50

University cinema

16. Cardiff University – £10

15. University of Leeds – £10

14. Durham University – £10

13. University of York – £10

12. University of Sheffield – £10

11. University of Liverpool – £10

10. University of Oxford – £10

9. Queen’s University Belfast – £10

8. University of Birmingham – £10.50

University cinema

7. Newcastle University – £12

6. University of Warwick – £12

5. University of Cambridge – £12

4. King’s College London £12

3. University of Edinburgh – £12.50

2. Loughborough University – £13.50

1. University of Roehampton – £15

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