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Evie The Traitors

Inside Evie from The Traitors’ wholesome life and relationship with wife Kayleigh

Not everyone only starting to obsess over her at the final hour

The Traitors final is tonight and it’s looking more and more like we’re actually going to get a traitors victory.

Obviously, Diane was the entire world’s icon for most of the series and we all went into a state of mourning when she was killed. But after last night’s episode, everyone is now obsessed with Evie.

As all the finalists were sharing what they would use the prize money for at the dinner party last night, Evie revealed she had a “missus” and now the entirety of Twitter has adopted her as a gay icon.

From having the exact same jokes all season of people saying Evie and Charlotte were the same person to her being everyone’s new queen is growth.

So this is a look into Evie from The Traitors’ wholesome life and relationship:

Evie is 29 and is a veterinary nurse from Inverness

Evie Morrison is 29 and from Inverness which is just a half an hour drive from the castle where The Traitors is filmed. From her Instagram, you can tell she loves the outdoors and spends all her time hiking or running marathons.

Speaking to the BBC before the show she said: “There’s not anything that scares me really. And for fun, I’m out hiking all the time. I’m up in the Scottish Highlands, I’ve lived here all my life”.

Describing her ideal weekend, Evie said it would be “chucking” herself up a mountain, camping, biking, “getting dirty or doing open swimming.” Wholesome.

She lives with her wife Kayleigh

— sᴜᴘᴇʀ ᴛᴠ (@superTV247) January 25, 2024

After the episode last night, she tweeted: “Sorry guys forgot to mention. Here’s my missus Kayleigh and the two rescue dogs I need £100k for. Not the most inspiring story I just want a garden lol.”

Evie has been with her wife Kayleigh Deane since at least February 2021 when their first pictures together started appearing on their Instagrams.

Evie proposed to Kayleigh up a mountain in the Scottish Highlands in December 2021.

They spend most of their time on adventures up mountains and visiting new places together.

She has two adorable rescue dogs

Obviously, as a veterinary nurse, Evie loves animals but she has two rescue terriers, Dash and Arlo who go with her on all her adventures.

She’d use the prize money to rescue more animals

Evie said that if she won, she would use the prize money to move somewhere bigger with a garden and “have a small holding and rescue a bunch of animals.”

She added that there are always “three-legged dogs or one-eyed hamsters and a bunch of chickens that need to be homed so I think I’d love to live out my spinster dreams with my small holding for all of them.”

She also said she joined the show as a bit of an “existential crisis”.

“I’m 29, so it’s the last year of my 20s and I think I may be having a bit of an existential crisis about turning 30, just overthinking it a bit too much. When I turned 29, I said to myself, ‘I’m going to do 30 things before I’m 30 that I’ve always wanted to do.’ I ran the Edinburgh Marathon this year, I’ve visited Scottish islands and I do a lot of hiking.”

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