Demonstration as York student arrives at court after eggs thrown at King Charles

The court heard that Patrick Thelwell said: ‘I threw eggs at him because that’s what he deserved’

A demonstration formed outside York Magistrate’s Court for York student Patrick Thelwell’s court date after eggs were thrown at King Charles last year.

Protestors held signs reading “Justice for Patrick, Justice for ALL” and “Charles can afford a replacement jacket” were seen outside the court this morning. Patrick, who is representing themself in court was also seen posing with a sign featuring a picture of an egg.

If found guilty, Patrick could be facing up to six months in prison and a £5,000 fine for which they have set up a PayPal account for those wishing to support the cause.

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Speaking outside the court, Patrick said: “My actions are those of a free person defending themselves, her have the right to stand up to a Government that is stripping us of our rights.”

Michael Smith, prosecuting, told York Magistrates Court the eggs “passed over” the King and narrowly missed him. He said Thelwell shouted: “paedophile”, “King Charles is a paedophile” and “friends with Jimmy Savile” as the eggs were thrown.

CCTV and police bodycam footage was played to the court, showing the egg-throwing incident and the aftermath.

Via @patrickthelwell on Instagram

The court heard Thelwell was heard to say: “I threw eggs at him because that’s what he deserved. It’s the only justice the victims of colonisation will ever get.” They continued: “Did I get him? I didn’t get him. Someone will get him.”

Plain-clothed officers in the crowd were the first to grab the protester before uniformed police swooped in, the court heard. Thelwell was then handcuffed and arrested by officers.

A sixth unbroken egg later fell out of their pocket before they were driven to the police station. When questioned by police they refused to comment.

PC Adam Steventon, who arrested Thelwell, said he they were shouting: “F*** the King” and so he put his hand over their mouth to silence them as families were close by and upset by what the protester was saying.

The King and Queen Consort Camilla were visiting York in November to unveil a new statue of Queen Elizabeth II and attend a ceremony at York Minster.

Videos on social media showed eggs seemingly being thrown in the direction of the King from the crowd and narrowly missing. The crowd started chanting “God save the King” in response to the protester.

Patrick was arrested under Section Four of the Public Order Act in November. Their bail conditions included staying away from King Charles at all times and being banned from carrying eggs in public.

Thelwell appeared in court in January where they pleaded “not guilty” to “using threatening or abusive words or behaviour”.

The court is currently on break until 2pm for judgement and sentencing, make sure to follow us @theyorktab for updates as soon as the verdict is out.

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