Revealed: These are officially the druggiest UK universities in 2024

A Tab survey found 90 per cent of students at one uni admitted to doing drugs

Over three-quarters of university students have admitted to doing drugs, an investigation by The Tab has found.

Every year, The Tab conducts a survey of over 6,000 university students to find out the drug and vaping habits of university students up and down the country. The survey, the only one of its kind, gives an exclusive look into what students are taking, where and why they’re taking it, and how much they’re spending.

This year’s vaping results found that 57 per cent of students said they’re addicted to vaping, a 30 per cent increase in only a year. This ranged from 35 per cent at some unis to nearly 75 per cent of students at others.

But in terms of drugs, 76 per cent of the nearly 7,000 students who took our survey have admitted to doing drugs at university. Of these students, 18 per cent said they were addicted, with the most popular drug to be addicted to being weed.

And whilst not all students who do drugs say they are addicted, 30 per cent of students who now do drugs admitted to having never tried them before going to uni. So maybe that druggy uni stereotype really is true.

We will be releasing more data on exactly what everyone’s drug of choice is soon, including each university’s favourite drug and the price of drugs in each uni city.

The results range from only 55 per cent of students admitting to doing drugs at one UK university to a huge 90 per cent at another. But which unis are doing the most drugs overall?

These are officially the druggiest UK universities, in 2024:

23. Imperial College London – 55 per cent

22. University College London – 56 per cent

21. University of York – 58 per cent

20. University of Cambridge – 59 per cent

19. Lancaster University – 64 per cent

18. University of Lincoln – 66 per cent

17. Durham University – 68 per cent

16. University of Glasgow – 69 per cent

15. University of Exeter – 69 per cent

14. University of Warwick – 70 per cent

13. King’s College London – 71 per cent

university drugs

12. University of Edinburgh – 73 per cent

11. University of Sheffield – 77 per cent

10. Cardiff University – 78 per cent

9. University of Nottingham – 79 per cent

8. University of Sussex – 82 per cent

7. Oxford Brookes University – 83 per cent

6. University of Birmingham – 83 per cent

5. Newcastle University – 84 per cent

4. University of Bristol – 84 per cent

3. University of Leeds – 88 per cent

2. University of Liverpool – 88 per cent

1. University of Manchester – 90 per cent

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