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The Traitors first episode memes

The Traitors is back! Prove you’re a faithful and laugh at these 22 first episode memes

All hail queen Diane

The best reality show on telly at the minute is finally back on and I am so glad to see Claudia Winkleman serving in her assortment of knitwear and gloves on my screen again.

The first season of the show last year was literally a cultural phenomenon and changed lives forever. But the second season of The Traitors started last night and people are already HOOKED. The people of Twitter have already found their queen in Diane and I will be making her my personality for the foreseeable.

As always, the tweets, memes and reactions to the first episode are actually golden.

So, get proving your innocence and enjoy these 22 best memes about the first episode of The Traitors

I have found my hyper fixation person for the next four weeks

Nah I’m crying at /complimentary

You can guarantee she THRIVED at PGL

Thanks Claud x

Behave now

She is so mother

Beautiful piece of television!

Lock your doors!

— Jake. (@JakeAlex92) January 3, 2024

— Jake Common (@JakeCommon) January 3, 2024

Omg Spice Girls reunion??

She would slay the Handforth Parish Council

Cheshire cat over here

No one can stop me

Not the jolly phonics display

Mildly terrified of her and I’m not even there

Plot twist

Literally get away from me

Of the grand Fringe stop it

Could also pin her as my old art teacher tbh

Blood about to be boiling!

‘Just circling back’

You are NOT leaving until we find that glue stick lid

The first three episodes of The Traitors UK series are available on iPlayer now. For more like These The Traitors first episode memes and the best music, reality TV and entertainment news, like Pop Culture Shrine on Facebook

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