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Guys, a student on TikTok has found a hack for free Circuit Laundry and my life is changed

Student bank accounts everywhere crying with happiness rn

So, not to alarm anyone, but one student has found a hack for getting free Circuit Laundry and your life is about to be changed forever.

Gone are the days of trying to wash your underwear in your grimy sink or spending the last of your loan washing your smelly socks because you can now apparently use this hack to get your washing for free using Circuit Laundry machines.

Amelia Wilkins posted a TikTok with the caption “pov Circuit Laundry hates me” and “Circuit Laundry will never get my money” and showed her pressing a load of random buttons on a Circuit washing machine and getting her clothes washed for free.

Circuit Laundry is the provider of washing machines and dryers at most universities in the UK. The price of a clothes wash and dry varies across university campuses but, on average, a single wash ranges from around £3.10-£4 and a dry from £1.70-£2.90.


pov circuit laundry hates me

♬ Pour it up – Spotify lyrics

But now apparently you won’t have to use your entire loan on washing the VK out of your Urban Josie tops over and over again because someone has just found a hack to get it for free.

Right, so how does the Circuit laundry hack work and how do you do it?

Pressing a load of buttons in a random order apparently confuses the machine into starting before you pay. According to the TikTok, here’s how you do it:

• Put your clothes into the machine.

• Press the eco button and 40° whites at the same time.

• Press start on the machine.

• Choose the setting you want your wash on.

• Press start again and voila beautiful clean clothes.

People in the comments have been confirming it also works for them so cheers for clean clothes all round. Now the hack might not work on all Circuit machines as one comment on the TikTok reads: “Mine has an app so not possible” and another person added: “They just fixed ours so our hack doesn’t work anymore.”

So, like all loopholes, you’re probably going to have to be quick to try it out before they fix the machines to stop this from working.


pov circuit laundry hates me

♬ Pour it up – Spotify lyrics

Last year, student laundry provider Circuit made a huge £3.6 million in profit from students washing their clothes. According to its most recent company accounts, the company increased its total revenue by £13.7 million in a year. In 2022, it made a total revenue of over £40 million, increasing from £26.3 million in 2021.

Circuit Laundry’s two directors, Ben Gujral and Sarah Jane Norton received £871,000 in 2022 giving them each a massive salary of £435,000

Many students, since the start of the 2020 pandemic and now cost of living crisis have opted to washing their clothes through other means such as in their sink or shower with some students even buying portable washing machines to avoid using Circuit Laundry.

To help students in the cost of living crisis, Newcastle University reduced the prices of Circuit Laundry at its Kensington Terrace accommodation where students can get a wash or a dry for £1.10.

Brb going to go and have the cleanest clothes of my life.

The Tab has contacted Circuit Laundry for comment. 

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