Harry and Mollie The Traitors

Harry from The Traitors has promised Mollie a holiday after betraying her in the final

I would be demanding a world cruise if someone stole £50k off me tbh

There were VERY mixed reactions when Harry won season two of The Traitors on Friday and stole all the money from Mollie, the last faithful standing.

When it got to the final three, Mollie initially wrote Harry’s name on her board but decided to change it at the last minute as she couldn’t bring herself to believe he was a traitor.

When it was revealed he was in fact a traitor and stole all the money, she swore and stormed out of the room after losing £50k.

But now Harry has promised Mollie a holiday to make up for the massive betrayal. I mean it’s kind of the least he can do after stealing £50k off her!

Speaking on BBC Breakfast with Harry and Jaz, when asked whether she is still mad at Harry, Mollie said: “We saw each other pretty soon after and he promised me a holiday, so I’m pretty happy with that.

“But no, we’re fine. I mean, it was a game at the end of the day, we all signed up for it. You know, you go in there with a chance of getting hurt. So yeah, no, it’s all good vibes here, right?”

But in the semi-final of the show, Mollie jokingly told Harry that she would never speak to him again if he turned out to be a traitor. Yikes.

Mollie also spoke about the moment she nearly voted for him in the final episode. She said: “Your senses are heightened. When you’ve trusted someone for that amount of time, to switch up on someone from one comment? It just felt wrong to me. It’s a crazy game.”

Harry added that he “shocked himself” that he could lie so well and said: “I just had the mentality that I wanted to get the job done, I had to put connections and emotions to one side and I had to put my family at the forefront. The first couple of days I was struggling – I was building relationships out of lies.”

Need to see all the Insta pics from Harry and Mollie’s hols ASAP please!

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