York students express concern for Long Boi as rumours spread about his wellbeing

Long Boi has not had a confirmed sighting in over a week

Students at The University of York are expressing growing concern for campus duck Long Boi as rumours spread about his well-being.

Long Boi, a famous duck at The University of York campus with over 56k Instagram followers, has not had a confirmed sighting in over a week, since the start of Summer term.

Long Boi’s Wikipedia page was also changed to past tense earlier this evening, though it has now been changed back.

Comments on Long Boi’s most recent Instagram post feature students panicking that Long Boi has not been sighted in a while. One comment reads: “Has anyone seen Long Boi recently (within the last week or so?)”

The most recent photo of Long Boi is from the 22nd April.

One York student tweeted: “Please keep Uni of York students in your thoughts we’ve lost Roses and potentially the same weekend and about to go into exams.”

Rumours have been circulating around the student community that Long Boi was a victim of a fox attack. Campus Groundskeepers have allegedly been heard to have told several students that they believe him to be dead since he cannot fly and has not been seen recently.

An anonymous source told The York Tab that there was an alleged “fox attack around two weeks ago” on campus with many victims, including Long Boi and claimed campus maintenance is aware of this. It is rumoured that this will be announced next week as York’s Student Union did not want to announce the news during a Roses loss.

Another York student said: “Usually I go and feed the ducks every weekend but haven’t seen Long Boi since the start of summer term.”

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Featured image via @longboiyork

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