Valentine's Day optical illusion

You’ll forever be single if you can’t work out this Valentine’s Day optical illusion

This just made me crave Love Hearts tbh

Another Valentine’s Day and let me guess, another one where you’re drastically single yet again. But, at least being single you don’t have to spend time rushing to the shops at the last minute trying to find the least cringe Valentine’s Day card or the least squashed bouquet of roses. This also means you’ve got more time to waste doing optical illusions that will tell you something about your life. I am obsessed!

Well this one, is actually Valentine’s Day themed and apparently, if you can spot the Love Heart sweet that says “love you” within ten seconds then you’re destined to never be alone again.

So, if you can spot the hidden ‘love you’ in this Valentine’s Day Optical illusion in under 10 seconds then you’ll never be alone again:

Valentine's Day optical illusion

Via Reader’s Digest

Somewhere amongst all these Love Hearts saying all the classic things like “Be mine” and “Sweetie” there’s one that says “Love You”. This is just making my eyes hurt and making me crave sweets. Would happily trade in being single forever for this many Love Hearts to be honest.

I’ll give you a hint if you’re struggling, it’s somewhere in the bottom left side of the picture. But that’s all you’re getting! But if you really can’t find it and don’t want to be single forever, the answer is below.

Spoiler alert: Stop scrolling if you don’t want the answer revealed

Valentine's Day optical illusion

Sending this to my situationship to see what he takes from it x

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