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TikTok girl ethics

Introducing girl ethics: The twin sister of girl maths that sums up all female friendships

‘I’m only wearing heels if you’re wearing heels’

TikTok goes absolutely feral for a girlie trend every single time. We’ve already had the clean girl aesthetic, rat girl summer, girl dinner, cosy girl autumn, and girl maths.

Girl maths is essentially just designed to justify the purchase of every little silly treat girls need to get by. So, if you buy concert tickets in October for April then the concert is free by the time it comes around. Or not paying the £5 delivery fee on your ASOS order and instead spending an extra £40 to get free delivery is cheaper. It’s just girl maths and it makes so much sense.

But there’s a new sister to girl maths that you might have seen on your FYP and it’s girl ethics. We’re really gonna need to be starting up a separate girl uni at this rate!

But what actually is girl ethics?

Girl ethics is basically just another version of the girl code. It’s the “I’ll only go if you go” or “I’ll wear heels but only if you wear heels” vibe. It’s the same reason we drag all our friends through the club hand in hand for a loo trip all together.

This probably started in secondary school when we would absolutely REFUSE to make the transition from trousers into school skirts for the first time alone. “Wear a skirt with me tomorrow?” would always be the sacred question and you’d be texting your mates 15 times in the morning before school making them swear that they were wearing a skirt too. And if they betrayed you by wearing trousers? Dead to you.

Where did the girl ethics trend come from?

So, the girl ethics trend started when @ellerasmuss posted a TikTok with the caption: “Heard of girl maths but what about girl ethics? She wanted pot noodles but only if I had them too. I don’t even like these.”


but girl gotta eat

but girl gotta eat

The TikTok got over 5.6 million views and 1.1 million likes and since then, all the girlies have been thinking oof the best examples of girl ethics that we all do every single day. One comment on the video reads: “Getting a cute little drink isn’t fun if my friend is just watching me drink it, WE NEED TO BOND OVER THE DRINK” and another one says: “‘I’m only buying it if you’re buying it too’ man, I love girlhood!!!”

Another example is not wanting to wear a jacket because it will ruin your outfit. This TikTok reads: “Heard of girl maths but what about girl ethics? She wanted to leave her jacket at home but only if I did too. It’s currently October.”


Girl, i’ll pay for your cloakroom💀 #girlmath #girlethics #friendshipthings #girlsnight #girlethic

♬ suara asli – kimiraikonenπ – stitchesπ

Because of course it makes it slightly better if you’re not the only cold one. High School Musical We’re All In This Together kind of vibes. Basically, it’s just empathy.

So currently, girl ethics has mostly got to do with food or clothes. Because naturally, it’s only acceptable to wear heels to brunch if all your mates are wearing heels. Or it’s agreeing to both not dress up when you’re just going out for coffee hungover because heaven forbid one of you is looking cute and the other is in joggers and yesterday’s makeup.

We saw a dark side of girl maths where its actually just portraying woman as shopaholics who don’t know how to handle money but honestly, girl ethics just seems really wholesome and it just shows how all the girlies really are the same and I love it.

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