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Welcome freshers! Here’s your exact uni stereotype, according to the students who go there

Yes, Sheffield students do make Arctic Monkeys their entire personality

Congrats! You got into your dream uni. Now you want to know every single detail about what it’s actually like being a student there. What’s the nightlife like? How much does a pint cost? What do people wear on a night out? And, most importantly, what will everyone else think of me?

You might spend hours flicking through the prospectus or taking tours around the campus, but you never really know your uni’s stereotype until you get there. But once you do get there, it becomes immediately clear.

So, to get you fully emotionally prepared for Freshers’ Week, we asked a student at each Russell Group uni to confirm how true their uni stereotype is. They didn’t hold back.


“Leeds students love y2k clothing and amateur DJ’ing”

There’s some truth to this. Nearly every Leeds student owns a minimum of one pair of cargo trousers and, if you don’t already, within the first semester, you’ll find overpriced Depop purchases will make up most of your wardrobe.

But if you’re not an aspiring musician yourself, you’re sure to experience at least one person get their decks out on the kitchen table at 2 am to show you “something they’ve come up with recently”. That said, Leeds has a vibrant and varied social scene which means that no matter your style (or sound system skills), you’re bound to feel at home. 

– Megan Fogg


“Warwick students have no social life because they’re in Coventry ”

Half of this is uni stereotype is true because our location is, admittedly, not the most exciting aspect of our uni life. Being surrounded by green pastures is not ideal BUT being on campus does let us blissfully and naïvely exist inside this cute, alcohol-driven bubble of flat parties and late night shenanigans on closed campus roads so it is what you make of it! I never had any issues there so it’s a half-true, half-wrong stereotype for sure.

– Christopher Tang


– Christopher Tang


“There are more sheep than people coz its Wales”

This is false. It’s less about sheep, more about seagulls and rats. Welcome to Cathays. Here, we enjoy the simple pleasures of life, a VK in each hand, a Mama’s kebab in the back pocket, and the hickey from the unknown in Yolo still proudly adorned on our necks

– Seb Tommy Sargent


“Sheffield students make the Arctic Monkeys their entire personality”

This is somewhat true. There is much more to Sheffield students, but it is true that once someone steps foot in Sheffield they have to be an Arctic Monkeys fan. It’s practically compulsory. Arctic Monkeys is the cornerstone of any pres playlist, and any Sheffield club night. Every club on West Street plays all the greatest hits every night of the week.

– Max Booth


“Bristol students love to get on it and can’t wait to tell you about their gap year funded by mummy and daddy”

Unfortunately, you will encounter this uni stereotype fairly regularly. One too many rollies and Tilly is known to shriek “Omg I swear I saw you at the Full Moon party in Bali” during Freshers’ Week. However, fear not, because where else in the country can you wander into a corner shop rave, hear that sweet sweet West Country accent and recreate every scene from Skins like the Effy you wish you were?

– Lola Wright


“Bournemouth University students either only went there for the beach, or they study a media degree, there is no in between”

You are wrong. Bournemouth has so much more to offer than just sun, sea and shooting documentaries. Where else can you get the smell of sea water and a homeless man’s urine confused, bedroom DJ’s coming out of your ears and a full blown day festival thrown at the end of the year? You might even bump into England legend Gazza while you’re here. There’s no place quite like it.

– Tom Dingley


“King’s students are a concoction of LSE rejects and loaded international students, spending more time posting the round reading room on their Insta stories than studying”

This uni stereotype is somewhat true, whilst some of us can’t help but flinch every time we see the dreaded black lanyards, we’re pretty focused. Thanks to the unspoken common goal of becoming academic weapons and fighting burnout, you’ll find Maughan library full all year round.

So, what if we post a ludicrous amount of skyline pics? How else are we supposed to distract ourselves from the fact that we spend more time hunched over a desk like the letter C than in our overpriced accommodation? That being said, there’s nothing quite like casually devouring a Pret fruit bowl, killing time before a lecture whilst sitting in front of the very same monuments people from across the globe travel to see.

– Melissa Silva


“York is boring”

Compared to some of the bigger uni cities, then yes at first glance going to uni in York may feel like a dull downgrade. However, to write off York entirely as boring is to overlook all the things this little city has to offer. Yes, the nightlife is relatively quieter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good night out (plus Leeds is like next door if you’re that fussed).

Daytime is where York shines, the city is chill and pretty and just nice to be in, and though campus is full of grey 60s fever-dream buildings, the wildlife and greenery liven up the place. More importantly though, the people at York are just nice and generally very friendly. Full of nature, aesthetic cafes, cobbled streets and nice people, York has very wholesome vibes (very autumnal come Freshers’ Week, you will feel like the main character). Boring to some, sure, but we like it that way (though since Long Boi died we are in the market for a new personality).

– Jess Rolfe


“Newcastle students don’t take their degree seriously because they’re too busy drinking and mixing with the cast of Geordie Shore”

This is a pretty accurate uni stereotype of Newcastle students. However, when we’re not locking eyes with Scotty T in Shaker or buying trebs in D&P, you’ll likely find us studying in the Robbo. Work hard, play hard x

– Maddie Perrett


“It’s well known that students at Nottingham are the most well rounded in not just the midlands but perhaps the whole world”

A fantastic middle ground between the Range Rover ridden accommodation car parks of certain unis and, well, everywhere else. Nottingham Uni provides countless opportunities to mould yourself into a jack of all trades without instilling the entitlement that unfortunately can often come with such brilliance. Nottingham students are largely humble as well as learned, but more importantly, able to provide what will likely be the best time you’ve ever had.

– Freddie Stringer


uni stereotype

“Manchester students spend more time worrying about their Soundcloud playlist for their flat party and if they’re Fallow’s fittest than ever making a single lecture or library session”

Manchester students are the best in the business. We’re southerners discovering the beauty of the cheap pint living in possibly the most unaesthetic accommodation in the country (I’m looking at you oak house). 256 Tuesdays, Warehouse project on your doorstep and so much silly behaviour, what’s not to love? Live, laugh, love, Fallowfield.

– Becky Devonshire-Pay


“Exeter students tend to be stereotyped as “rahs” or boarding school Oxbridge rejects”

This uni stereotype does tend to be something you come by. Whilst they are actually a minority at the uni, these rahs like to make a name for themselves through Holland Hall’s reputation of the Schoffel gilet wearers. You may come across a rah in a seminar or fighting with a Timepiece bouncer because they’re not allowed to vape inside the club.

An in-between average Exeter student would be a fake blonde roaming the uni in sports society stash heading to Timepiece at 7:30 with a bottle of squash vodka (squadka) in hand craving a venom!

– Isabella Wharton


“Glasgow uni wankers”

Glasgow uni students have unbearable posh Glasgow accents from living in the West end for too long. The men are often seen with mullets and moustaches, charity and plant shopping is a common activity, and one too many students owns a set of decks they’ll whip out at an afters. Glasgow students are often pretty well known for the odd bag at a gaff, lots roll their own cigarettes, and the multicoloured sea of north face puffers will alert you that you’re close to University Avenue.

– Emily Bell


uni stereotype

“Durham is full of oxbridge rejects”

This uni stereotype is simply untrue according to the Durham student. Why? Because we think Doxbridge is a thing and therefore that we haven’t really been rejected from any club. This is just a taste of the general attitude of the Durham student. A lot of this comes from our Southern breeding and no doubt privileged upbringing, but some of it is us trying to make up for the fact that our Uni city is no bigger than your average British village.

Aside from being (simply put) posh, the average Durham student can also be described as someone who probably tried really hard in school despite lacking natural intelligence and also as someone who always batted for the wrong side in debating class. Love us or hate us, we’re not changing anytime soon.

– Caitlin James


“All Lancs students do is eat Greggs and take pictures of ducks”

Okay, there is a fair amount of truth to this, Lancs students do love a cheeky sausage roll (or five) in between lectures. But when there’s a Greggs calling you in every 10 feet, it really would be rude not to. We do like to change it up though, and with a Subway, Costa, Noodle Bar, Chinese takeaway, chicken shop, curry-meets-burger takeaway, Starbucks, SPAR and a Co-op all on campus (as well as eight bars which sell food), we’re not limited for option.

As for the ducks, they’re really only cute when they’re little, after that you spend all of your time running away from them in Alex Square while they mercilessly chase you for a bite of whatever food you’re carrying. Lancs students are also stereotypically forgotten about, but don’t overlook them, the uni actually has a lot of great things going for it, like being a top ten UK uni and being one half of the largest varsity tournament in Europe (and second biggest in the world).

– Amelia Jordan


uni stereotype

“Second choice uni, or the Clearing offer saviour”

Most students here chose Lincoln as their insurance uni because they got that oh so special unconditional offer. The most common response to the words “I’m studying at Lincoln next year” are “Where’s that?” or “Isn’t Lincoln that one uni from that Inbetweeners episode?” 

– Grace Ridout


“Liverpool students wear heels on a night out, pop to Tesco with their rollers in and are overly glam”

 Sorry to disappoint anyone excited to dress up and wear six inch heels in Concert Square, but this stereotype is more true for the locals than the uni students. You’re more likely to see students heading out in bin bags and cardboard boxes for AU night than ever seeing one in heels. 

– Freya Sharp 


“If I collected a pound for every time a UCL student utters ‘Did you know UCL is ranked eighth in the world?’ I wouldn’t need to sell myself to the Big Four”

True, but just in case, please keep your LinkedIn page ready with “Incoming spring intern at J.P Morgan, incoming summer intern at Deloitte.” (Courtesy of Mummy and Daddy’s connections from when we lived on the Galápagos Islands, Monaco and Singapore simultaneously when I was 14 months old).

Alongside naturally hating King’s students and Scala pres in the most random London halls, the average qualities of a Jezza Bentham member include only being able to breathe when within one cm of the skinny legend BT tower. Daily sightings of Garden Hall’s siggie wearing finance bros and hearing failed student centre attempted rizz. Babes, just say that UCL is eighth and you’ll be fine. Don’t judge, we love walking 40 mins and we love our French students even if their breakfast is just a cigarette. Boujee vape, if we are feeling extra hungry.

Amandeep Dhillon


“LSE students skip classes to edit their LinkedIn profiles and do spring week psychometric tests with their mates”

This is true for the most part, but they usually use their daddy’s trust fund to get people to sit tests for them. When we’re not taking boomerangs of the spiral staircase or idolising Patrick Bateman, you can find us using one of our multiple passports travelling Europe. If you’re unlucky enough to catch us at an afters, get ready for a finance bro to mansplain NFTs or tell you about the FinTech they founded at 16. 

– Anamika Bhoyrul

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