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Wilko closing staff TikToks

A nation in mourning: The most heartwarming TikToks from Wilko workers now it’s gone

Get me to the Llandudno Wilko leaving drinks now

The news that Wilko is closing down is one of the worst things to happen to this country since, well ever. Hundreds of Wilko shops have closed this week with all of its 400+ stores planned to close by October.

It was the ultimate dream shop. It kitted out all of our uni rooms, supplied the sweets for countless movie nights, and had all the random makeup bits that the OG YouTubers used to influence us to buy. There is a Wilko-sized hole in my heart that I fear will never be filled.

But the only people more sad about the death of Wilko than me are the Wilko staff who have been busy making TikToks about the closing of their beloved stores.

Here is a rundown of some of the most heartbreaking yet hilarious TikToks from Wilko workers:

What in the year six disco?


WILKO employees Enjoying their final time together. Nothing’s gonna stop these guys from getting down

♬ original sound – DJ Neil Eaton

The masks? The weird school disco dance? You know what, they’re having a great time and I’m happy for them. RIP Wilko.

It’s the stroking of the empty shelves



♬ Good Memories – Cochren & Co.

Janette I love you. This whole production is giving early 2000s music video and I’m so here for it. Her little pose before it starts as she’s waiting for her cue is my favourite thing on this earth. I really do wish you well Janette.

Not the ‘I am the music man’ rendition


Sad to see the loss of jobs #wilko #womensworkingclass #wilkos #workingwomen #closingdown #worksop #nottinghamshire #worklife #workthisway

♬ original sound – rtzro

Is this some kind of Wilko worker tradition that I’m unaware of? Because I kind of want in.

Real tears for team Llandudno


Such sad times 💔😭 #wilkoclosingdown #llandudno #redundant #workfamily #sadtimes

Such sad times 💔😭 #wilkoclosingdown #llandudno #redundant #workfamily #sadtimes

Wilko Llandudno has already left us and I’ve not stopped grieving. Can anyone put me into contact with the person organising their leaving drinks because I need to be there with the girlies.

At least we get 50 per cent off condoms


Rip wilkos #wilko

♬ original sound – harriehollison

Okay so not technically a TikTok purely focused on Wilko closing down but it was too good not to include. At least a silver lining of all this is the closing down sales and half priced condoms!

Let me join that conga line


Conga #wilkos final day ❤️

♬ original sound – Kirsty 💕💞

Guaranteed that there’s a person in this conga line called Deborah or Julie. The way they squeeze past the poor woman just shopping for some homeware bits and bobs is too funny.

Seeing the shelves without pick and mix is too much


Goodbye , #Wilko 😢

♬ original sound – Keiran Evans

Here we have another emotional stroking shelves video and it’s all getting a bit too much. The pick and mix used to be one of the absolute best parts of Wilko and seeing the shelves without it is just a bit too much to handle. Gone but never forgotten.

Actually weeping at this one


My massi (auntie) has been working at wilko for over 27 years and today was her final shift, this is an appreciation post for her hard-working and admirable work she has done all her life. It’s a shame wilko’s has ended up like woolworths 💔 #wilko #bedford #blowthisup #foryou #viral #trending

♬ original sound – Keiran Evans

Fully crying for this poor woman. She’s been working at Wilko for 27 whole years! At least she’s stocked up on her discounted loo roll now though. I am sad.

A history of Wilko right here!

Got a full history of Wilko in one TikTok! Remember when it used to be known as Wilkinsons? Simpler times. Wilko was founded in Leicester in the 1930s and has been the ultimate place to buy some fairy lights, cute stationary, a dog toy and sweeties in one trip. I will simply never recover from this.

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