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The Traitors Harry

Inside The Traitors winner Harry’s party where he played Murder on the Dancefloor on repeat

He spent the first £2k of his winnings on drinks

After winning £95k in The Traitors final and betraying Mollie at the very last minute, Harry has been out celebrating his win with a massive party where he played Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Murder on the Dancefloor on repeat.

Spending the first £2k of his nearly £100k winnings, Harry held a party at a function room in The George pub in Eton with all of his family and friends.

According to the staff at the pub, the party lasted just over five hours and his final bill came to over two grand. They also said Harry gave them a big tip at the end of the night.

“He wanted to have his party at the best pub around, and we are one of the best,” Kevin Fernandes, the marketing manager of the Windsor and Eton Brewery, who run the pub said.

“Before his party, I wanted to know what his favourite beer is. He said it’s Republika, our personal lager. That was nice.” 

But Harry and his friends, whilst celebrating him being 100k richer, were all really nice and nobody was legless. “They were all just having a good time”, the staff said.

“My staff were really happy with Harry. They said he is a very nice, down-to-earth person. He had no attitude, was very softly spoken and nice to talk to,” he told The Sun. 

He also joked that Harry played Murder on the Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis Bextor on repeat: “I have no idea how many times they played Murder on the Dancefloor though!”

Posting an Insta dump of the party, in one of the videos, Harry can be seen dancing in the middle of a circle with everyone chanting “Go Harry, go Harry.” Despite rumours of a romance with fellow The Traitors contestant Mollie, Harry’s girlfriend Anna Maynard, sister of singer Conor Maynard was also at the party.

In another Insta post, Harry posed with Conor and Jack Maynard with the caption: “1st day on the new job. Grateful for everything 🫶🏻 and excited to see what’s next!”

As well as spending the first of his winnings at the pub, Harry has also promised Mollie a holiday after duping her out of £50k at the very last minute.

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