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Work on superyachts

Omg, this girl sacked off uni to work on superyachts and says it’s just like Below Deck

Brb dropping out of uni now

Omg, this girl is a real-life Captain Sandy because she sacked off going to uni to work on superyachts in the Med. With all the drama, she said it’s just like Below Deck. Don’t mind me, just quietly seething with jealousy.

Brooke Ransome is 19 and gets paid £1,000 a month, plus tips, to travel around the world on millionaire’s superyachts. She said: “I’ve got my dream job – I’m literally getting to see the world through a porthole. It’s really helping me grow as a person – and you don’t need any qualifications to join.”

“I decided not to go down the traditional route of uni – I wanted to travel more and live while I’m still young.


While her friends were all doing their UCAS forms, Brooke worked overtime in bars and dance schools in order to pay for a £3k super-yachting training course. She then flew to Palma, Mallorca, to hand out her CV in dockyards. After six months, she got a job as a stewardess on a 252ft luxury superyacht in Equatorial Guinea.

Then in April, she moved to a superyacht touring the Med where “all the drama” reminded her of Below Deck. She said: “I can’t say too much, but you get a lot of people trying to climb up on the boat and let’s just say there’s huge variety in crew – the drama can be so similar.”

Work on superyachts


It does sound like tough work though. “There can’t be any specs of dust anywhere, and I had to take pictures of things like glass panels as soon as I’d cleaned them, so my boss could make sure it was done to a high standard,” she said.

“Every drinking glass has to be handled with gloves – we even had one guest who liked a banana every morning for his breakfast, and it had to be delivered to him on a silver platter.”

The guests staying on the multi-million pound boat can afford to regularly fly their friends and family onto the yachts via helicopter.

Work on superyachts

Fancy decorations on the boat made by Brooke (Via SWNS)

But luckily Brooke hasn’t experienced any awful guests like you sometimes see on the show whilst working: “Luckily the guests are always so lovely. They’re so kind and considerate – and I’ve never experienced any drama with them.”

Work on superyachts


She came back home home in September and is now living with her grandparents while she looks for her next stint of work on a charter yacht.

She added: “I think, especially for women, you’re often encouraged to start a family first and think about everything else later. But I want to keep travelling as long as I can – I have years ahead of me to settle down.”

Odds on us seeing Brooke in the next season of Below Deck?

Featured image via SWNS 

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