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Molly-Mae Tommy Bambi outfit

These students dressed up as Molly-Mae, Tommy and Bambi Fury for a night out and I’m obsessed

She even has Elly Belly!

These students dressed up as Molly-Mae Hague, Tommy Fury and their daughter Bambi for a Freshers’ club night and it’s the most iconic thing I’ve ever seen.

Megan, Emryss and Faith all study professional dance at a dance college in Leeds and said they are “obsessed with everything Molly-Mae.”

Megan posted a TikTok of their outfits recreating the iconic Love Island baby challenge scene when Molly-Mae shouts at Tommy for making their baby do a back flip. “ERR TOMMY” really is engrained in my head forever.

Molly-Mae Tommy Bambi outfit

The TikTok has since got over 489k views and 87.4k likes with some people calling it a “work of art” or saying they have their Halloween outfits sorted.

The Tab spoke to them to find out more about their incredible outfits.

One of the themes for their Freshers’ nights was pop culture icons. They told The Tab they were “originally going to dress up as Loose Women but then thought it wasn’t as recognisable so we began brainstorming trio costumes that have been done before”.

They then thought of dressing up as the Fury fam because it was original and “we all love them”.


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♬ original sound – love.island_editzz.x

Megan’s Tommy boxing outfit was a tenner on Vinted and was a boys aged 14-15 costume. This is such a slay and I think if Tommy bought his fighting outfit on Vinted he’d be unbeatable really x

Then for Molly-Mae, Emryss already had the outfit and book but had to buy a toy elephant to be her Elly Belly. Really using her 24 hours in a day wisely! She did actually have to buy two though after someone stole the first one. Justice for Elly Belly.

And in probably my favourite part of the whole costume, Faith dressed up as their nine-month-old daughter Bambi. She got the Bambi pyjamas from Primark but then bought her baby bib and dummy from Amazon for £12. The dummy also makes a squeaking noise and honestly seems like such a vibe to have in a club.

Molly-Mae Tommy Bambi outfit

The students said they didn’t expect the TikTok to get any attention and “just thought it would get 100 likes like all of our other videos.”

“We are obsessed with everything Molly-Mae. We’re not like crazy super fans but have followed them since they were on Love Island and it would be in sane if they saw the TikTok!”

I finally know what I’m forcing my friends to be for Halloween now.

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