Famous TikToker Rodger Cleye accused of sexually harassing a 19-year-old

Olivia McCraw claims he tried to kiss her and sent her videos of him in the bath

Rodger Cleye, a 58-year-old American TikToker, has been accused of sexual harassment after a statement by 19-year-old Olivia McCraw was posted on TikTok claiming Cleye made several advances at her in a hotel room.

If you don’t recognise him by his name then you’ll definitely recognise his voice. Rodger, in a now-deleted TikTok account, went viral for posting covers of famous songs and featuring in millions of fan edits. His videos had over three million views.

But in a statement on TikTok titled “My truth”, Olivia McCraw accused Cleye of sexual harassment after she claims he tried to kiss her and “started to rub my back continuously which I was not comfortable with.”

Rodger Cleye also allegedly went to the toilet with the door open, had a picture of Olivia as his lockscreen and sent her videos of him in the bath.

Rumours around Cleye started to circulate a few days ago after Olivia appeared on a TikTok live stream with Rodger.” When we went live there was a ton of confusion as to who I was. People were asking if I was his daughter or if I was his girlfriend,” Olivia said.



Olivia originally posted a video about her live stream with Rodger denying any rumour between herself and him. “We had a great time. It really was a fun experience” she said. But in a video posted yesterday Olivia said that she felt “uncomfortable” with Rodger’s actions towards her.

A message from Rodger to Olivia

Rodger also addressed the live stream in a now deleted Instagram post. He said: “You should all be ASHAMED of yourself. Last night I went LIVE with a talented 21-year-old musician and singer. We sang TO you. We sang FOR you. We sang in a well lit hotel room and sat in business chairs. We sang in PORTRAIT mode for viewer convenience.

He continued: “The chairs were CLOSE to fit us both in the video. THEN THE RUMOURS… ‘She’s his 19 year old GF’ – WTF? Some sick F dug up a post of her graduate year but failed to imagine that people graduate at different ages for various GOOD reasons. SINGING IS NOT A CRIME AT ANY AGE.”

Olivia and Rodger met through TikTok after she was a moderator for his TikTok live streams. They started privately messaging when Rodger was giving out Taylor Swift tickets. In a message screenshot, Rodger said “if it wasn’t for my daughter, it would have been YOU!” and asked to message on Instagram.

A message screenshot between Rodger and Olivia

Olivia said: “He revealed that he was a frequent flyer for work and that he wanted to come and see me. I was mutually attentive and agreed for him to come and see me and that we could sing together. He said that he would love that plus a fancy dinner where we could dress up.”

Messages from Rodger to Olivia

Rodger booked a hotel and flew to Olivia’s hometown in order to sing with her. They went out to dinner and Olivia said he made her uncomfortable as “in the midst of conversation he made me aware that he had a vasectomy. He was very loud and it was made clear that people had heard him.”

When they got back to the hotel room, Olivia claims that Rodger went to the toilet “with the door wide open” and left his phone on the side. As his phone lit up “it was a very close up picture of myself as the background which weirded me out a little bit” Olivia said.

The pair began the live stream and Olivia explained: “While we were singing we had to get a little closer to make sure we fitted in the camera. But moments later he started to rub my back continuously which I was not comfortable with.

Screenshot from Rodger and Olivia’s livestream

“Eventually I scooted away from him but that did not help so he continued. After the live ended he gave me the poems he wrote and he tried to kiss me. At the time since I was alone and felt obligated I did so back because no one else was in there and who knows what could have happened. I almost made myself sick.”

In a text message sent after the incident, Rodger appears to have said: “BTW did you enjoy it when I rubbed your back?”

Olivia says she went home and let Rodger know that she could not continue to sing with him with the “discomfort” she was feeling. “He told me that I had abandoned him” she said and claims he still continued to pursue her.

“Some mornings I would wake up with 45 messages and a video of him singing in the bath tub” she said.

On a text message, Olivia asked Rodger why all his TikTok moderators were women to which he apparently replied: “Men don’t work for free!”

A message from Rodger to Olivia

Olivia said: “He later called me a predator on another account and called me a manipulative little girl.”

A message from Rodger to Olivia

She ended the video: “Im Olivia McCraw and I’m telling my truth and I hope you hear it and are wise with all of your actions. This is just bringing awareness to the situation and you should never be afraid to share your truth.”

Since then, Rodger Cleye has deleted his TikTok account but has been commenting on posts on Olivia’s Instagram. Olivia posted another TikTok featuring some of the comments.


In one of the comments, Rodger said: “She is extremely manipulative and attention seeking. I hope she receives therapy”. He also claimed that Olivia has two children and that she posed as a 21 year old to which Olivia responded: “My age was known. And no matter how old you are, those actions are not ok.”

She added: “I do not have any children!!!!! Like I’m 19 and still in college wtf”.

Rodger and Olivia in a now deleted Instagram post via @rodgercleye

Since Olivia spoke out about these allegations, another young female moderator has spoken out about Rodger allegedly messaging her. In a post on TikTok, another moderator said: “Rodger basically started messaging me using me as someone to extensively vent all of his problems to.”

“At first I genuinely felt sorry for him, I deep down knew him messaging so much about personal stuff was a little off, but I brushed it off as him just being lonely and needing someone to talk to.”

She added: “It slowly got to be too much for me. Multiple voice messages and calls. The first voice message he sent me was him telling me he was in a bath and how nice it was.”

Rodger Clye has been contacted for comment. 

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