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Harry from The Traitors has just addressed the rumours about his relationship with Mollie

Mollie also said he promised her a holiday

Earlier today, Mollie from The Traitors finally revealed the first thing she said to Harry after he betrayed her and stole the £95k in the dramatic Traitors final.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast she said: “I just called him a name and then we had a big hug. I think in that moment, you’ve got to just laugh about it, to be honest. I just said to him ‘Fair play’.”

Since the show ended, Mollie has also said on live telly that Harry promised her a holiday. Honestly, get that bag!

Mollie and Harry were incredibly close on the show, leading to romance rumours where everyone thought they were either together or liked each other.

But Harry has officially addressed the romance rumours and shut them down saying they are both in relationships.

Harry and Mollie The Traitors

Speaking on This Morning, Harry said: “I wanted to mention Mollie obviously as well because of our connection, and to put it out there for all the rumours, there is no romance involved. I’ve got an amazing girlfriend who I love dearly.”

Harry is currently dating Anna Maynard, sister of singer Conor Maynard and YouTuber and former I’m a Celeb contestant Jack Maynard.

He also said that he knows more about Mollie’s boyfriend Max than he knows about her and that Mollie knows more about Harry’s boyfriend Anna than she actually does about him.

“She has an amazing boyfriend who I have met, he’s a legend. So I feel a bit sorry for them as we are just two young people who built a genuine connection and I know more about her boyfriend than I do about Mollie and she knows more about my girlfriend than she does about me because that’s how we connected.”

Mollie’s boyfriend is called Max Blackwell and they have been together since 2021.

They’ve been on lots of holidays and festivals together and last night he posed a soppy message on Insta saying: “You’ve captured the hearts of everyone but you’ve always had mine”.

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