Fool Me Once plot hole

So, there’s another huge plot hole in Fool Me Once and Harlan Coben says it’s ‘obvious’

I’m either really stupid or this is just not obvious

So it turns out there’s ANOTHER massive plot hole in Fool Me Once on Netflix and it’s been bugging a lot of people.

The crime writer of Fool Me Once, Harlan Coben, has already addressed the plot hole of the nanny cam and how the nanny knew about it so soon after she installed it to upload the deep fake, but now he’s just explained another plot hole and apparently, it’s “so obvious”.

So, what is the Fool Me Once plot hole?

In the final episode, we find out that Maya was the one who killed her husband Joe after she uncovered that he had murdered her sister and he was planning on killing her too.

But throughout most of the series, we were led to believe that Maya’s best friend Shane from the army was guilty after we saw him putting trackers on her car and stalking her outside her house at night.

Fool Me Once plot hole Shane

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Obviously, this was just to throw us all off the scent because Shane wasn’t guilty in the end. So, erm, why was he stalking her and trying to track her car then?? Not exactly something an innocent guy would do.

This plot hole was never explained in the show and in the final scene of Maya’s daughter Lily having a baby, Shane is one of the people in the hospital so he’s still hanging about.

What has Harlan Coben said about it?

Well, Harlan Coben has addressed the Shane plot hole and said it is “so obvious.” In an interview with LadBible, the writer of Fool Me Once was asked whether he expected so many fans to be asking why Shane kept putting trackers in Maya’s car and he said: “Not really, because I think in the end Shane’s behaviour is so obvious.”

“Imagine your best friend, who trusts you with a house key, has PTSD, is taking medication, has been forced out of the military due to a scandal, had two close family murdered, is acting sketchy, is lying to you – and just told you that she saw her dead husband still alive.”

Fool Me Once plot hole Shane

Via Netflix

He added: “A good friend, especially one with Shane’s background, would do whatever he could to keep an eye (track) that friend and make sure she’s OK, especially when she’s always watching a little girl. The vast majority of people got that, I think.

“I often find that people think they find plot holes when in truth they just haven’t considered every possibility. But that’s part of the fun, so have it.”

Not sure I’d want my friend to be tracking my every move because they’re worried about me but each to their own I guess.

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