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Sephora Drunk Elephant

As 10 year olds raid Sephora, these 11 things were our generation’s version of Drunk Elephant

Need an EOS lip balm just to feel something again

One thing people can’t stop talking about right now is the 10-year-olds that are single-handedly keeping Drunk Elephant in business by raiding Sephora and causing the most chaos they possibly can. They are bursting in, terrorising the staff, making cocktails and concoctions out of all the products and absolutely destroying their 10-year-old skin by shoving all sorts of acids all over it.

But before the trends of Drunk Elephant or Stanley cups that today’s kids are obsessing over and collecting, we also had our own obsessions. And let’s be honest, most of them probably became popular because Zoella raved about them, just like how Drunk Elephant has mostly become popular because of TikTok today.

So these are all the obsessions we had when we were younger that are our generation’s version of Drunk Elephant:

EOS lip balms

Starting off strong with the classic EOS lip balms. Everyone always used to collect these and then trade them when you got into school with who had the best colours and flavours. People even used to swap lids to try and mix the flavours so I guess we haven’t come too far with the Sephora 10-year-olds making the Drunk Elephant cocktails by mixing the Bronzi drops with other stuff today.

Baby Lips

Baby Lips RAISED us. As soon as we had one recommendation from Tanya Burr we all had every single colour possible. Never felt more sophisticated than smacking these all over my lips in the school toilets like lipstick before maths because you knew you were gonna be sat next to your crush.

Beanie babies

— mel 🤠 (@pagemelt) January 10, 2024

One more for the 90s babies but these little things raised a generation. These were the original collectible. The same people who collected these back in the day though probably have an extensive Jellycat collection now and it definitely includes the avocado with earmuffs on.

Lip smackers

Via Amazon

The girlies that are obsessed with Glossier’s balm dot com lip balms now (specifically the birthday cake flavour) were the ones buying packets and packets of these from Claire’s back in the day. Genuinely can still taste the coke-flavoured one.

PSA they still sell these bad boys today if you need to feel something again.

These animal rubbers

Via eBay

Oh my god. Did you even go to Primary School if it wasn’t a massive competition who could shove the most about of these in your pencil case for school? You’d line them up on your table and swap body parts will all your different rubbers until your pen finally leaked in your pencil case and they all got covered in ink and your mum forced you to throw them away.

Hollister sprays

Via eBay

The sweet sweet smell of year seven PE! Stick one of these bad boys inside the Hollister bags with the topless men and we were all set for netball. The blue one was the best smell and you cannot argue with me on this.

Loom bands

Via M&S

When most people think of loom bands now, you probably think of that Northern legend kid screaming “ANYONE WANT BUY A LOOM BAND” which changed culture forever. But these little things were the original thing to collect. Guaranteed you were so jealous of those kids who had the fancy contraption that helped you to make them while you just suffered cutting off the blood circulation from twisting them around your fingers.

Silly bands

Sephora Drunk Elephant

Via eBay

But before loom bands, there were silly bands! These were the blueprint and there was no greater joy than having a secret cheeky little munch on these too. I can literally still feel them on my teeth now.

Topshop nail polishes

Sephora Drunk Elephant

Via eBay

The spotty lids! Genuinely seeing these again made me want to whip out the Joni jeans and the frilly socks. It was either these nail polishes or Essie. Specifically in the shade mint candy apple that all the OG YouTubers were obsessed with. 

Bath and Body Works hand sanitisers


anyone else collect pocketbacs, lipsmackers and eos? and made videos about them? these were our drunk elephant products😌 #drunkelephantkids #sephorakids

♬ sonido original – Dark Day

Only the people who were lucky enough to go on holiday to the US with their family were on the Bath and Body Works pocket back hype before the shop came to the UK. But people who collected these must have felt incredible when COVID came around and they were STOCKED on the hand san. They did leave your hands all weirdly glittery and sticky though.

Literally anything from Lush

Sephora Drunk Elephant

Via Canva

I can’t lie and say I don’t buy anything from Lush anymore since the Snow Fairy shower gel still has me in a chokehold every single Christmas. But the MOMENT we saw Zoella doing those huge Lush hauls that literally must have cost hundreds of pounds we knew we needed every single bath bomb that silly little shop sold.

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