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People at Boomtown 2023

Crystal meth and a proposal: All the feral antics that went down at Boomtown 2023

So, someone rubbed their own vom in their teeth

Boomtown 2023 is over and it is probably one of the most unhinged festivals about. Everything about it looks absolutely feral and in most of the videos I see I couldn’t even attempt to start explaining what’s going on.

Maybe I’m just getting old but I feel slightly like the whole thing would just give me a massive headache.

But with people heading back from Boomtown 2023 today, a lot of crazy shit went down. From proposals and crystal meth to protests, here is a rundown of the most feral antics that happened at Boomtown 2023.

A proposal

Kicking off with the most wholesome of the feral antics is a Boomtown proposal. Personally this would be my worse nightmare but I’m sure it was a very special moment. It would just be the raging DnB in the background for me. Definitely one to tell the grandkids.

It’s just a more chaotic version of getting proposed to during Love Story at The Era’s Tour.

Someone rubbing vomit in their teeth

“I literally saw someone be sick and start rubbing it in their teeth because the pill they’d had taken had already started breaking down and I’m guessing they didn’t want to waste it” I’m truly in hell. That really is a low point. Never going to a festival again, sorry.

Crystal meth

This app notification from the Boomtown app Woov advised people at the festival that Crystal Meth has been found at Boomtown. Alright Walter White.

A wasp sting in a very unfortunate place


Stung by a wasp at boomtown 😂

♬ original sound – Bludbrothers🩸

This poor guy got stung by a wasp and looked like he had some really dodgy lip fillers done. Massive L.

Dog fighting?

Two people dressed as dogs at Boomtown 2023

Mum please pick me up I’m scared by what’s going on here.

Human poo

“I saw a human poo just sat on the floor and people were dancing around it like some sort of ancient ritual.” No seriously, this actually happened. I’m wondering whether it was their own poo or someone else’s and I can’t actually decide which is worse.