One Day: Dex and Em’s full handwritten letters are here, and I’m crying all over again

My life is infinitely better now I know what Dexter’s handwriting looks like

We’ve been absolutely SPOILED with all the One Day content since it came out on Netflix a few weeks ago. The masterminds behind the series have been sharing all the hidden symbolism you missed and all the behind-the-scenes moments of the cast make my heart so very happy.

But now Netflix has spoiled us even more and shared all the One Day handwritten letters between Emma and Dex in full as well as all of Dex’s handwritten notes on the wedding speech from the wedding which we sadly never got to see.

One of the letters, from Dex to Em, reads: “Dear Emma, I’m not much of a letter writer, not like you. Your last one made me laugh so much. Where are you, Em, and what are you doing right now? How’s the show going? Are you setting the world of theatre alight? I’m in Roma, but I’m gonna come back to London in September.” Seeing what Dex’s handwriting looks like has made me way more happy than it should have.

One Day letters

We can also see his handwritten notes on his wedding speech in full. “Mum knew from the beginning Em was the one” is starting the tears all over again.
Other highlights include: “I’m a better person when she is in my life. so just friends was on for a while”, “Em brings out the best in me”, and him describing her as “beautiful, warm, loving, brilliant, intelligent”.
One Day letters

Okay, but I NEED to see some kind of extra scene of their actual wedding ASAP. I do not CARE if it didn’t happen on July 15th, I need it in my life!

One Day is available to watch on Netflix now. For more like these One Day letters and all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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