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Traitors predicted winner

Last year’s The Traitors contestants have predicted this year’s winner and I’m fully shook

‘I do think Andrew is gonna win’

This week is the final week of the Traitors UK and I’m really not ready to see Claudie Winkleman serving in her tartan fits leave the telly.

Whilst we’re still recovering from queen Diane’s death, the first of the last three episodes airs tonight. At the end of last week we saw Harry and Andrew recruit Ross as the newest traitor and everyone is SO excited to see him turn on them and avenge his mum.

But season one contestants Wilf, Ivan and Rayan have spoken on their podcast It’s Just a Game which is all about the show. They’ve shared their predictions for who they think is going to win and I’m genuinely shook.

They predicted that Andrew is ultimately going be the winner and take all the money despite him being possibly one of the worst traitors ever.


Happy final week! This week, on the podcast, Ivan, Wilf, and Rayan discuss the most likely scenario and how we all think Andrew might end up winning this series of TheTraitors. #TheTraitorsUK #bbc #realitytv #traitors

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Sharing his predictions for the last three episodes, Ivan said: “In episode 10, I think Harry reveals his shield, suspicion falls on Jasmine and Jasmine is banished. I think Evie is murdered in episode 10.

“Episode 11, I think Molly thinks about Harry’s overdue murder, I think Ross jumps on the bandwagon and Harry is maybe banished in episode 11. I think there is no murder.”

This means that going into the final there is Andrew, Ross, Zach, Jaz and Molly. Ivan says he thinks “They go for Ross, they get a second traitor, meaning they do not think to look for another one. So I think Andrew at the firepit goes unseen, I think they all vote to finish the game and Andrew wins alone.”

Wilf, who was the last traitor standing in last year’s season of the show agreed with the theory. He said: “I’m pretty happy with that, I’ve just bought into that.”

Wilf, who was the last traitor standing in last year’s season of the show agreed with the theory. He said: “I’m pretty happy with that, I’ve just bought into that.”

“And I do think Andrew is gonna win.”

In a separate TikTok, Alyssa, who was also a traitor in last year’s season said she thinks Ross will team up with Jaz to get Harry out. “If Ross could get in there they could potentially take down Harry. But are Ross and Jaz strong enough as a duo for influence against Harry? Because Harry seems to have everyone in the palm of his hand.”


What’s everyone else thinkingggg #thetraitors #bbc

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She added: “I feel like Andrew is just gonna stay neutral and sweet and kind.”

She thinks Harry will manage to take down Jaz and Ross and then “just fob off Andrew sadly”.

“I do think Harry could take it all the way.”

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