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How do you play Are You There Moriarty? The weirdly posh game from One Day

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If you let yourself be emotionally damaged by watching One Day over the last couple of days, then you’re surely going to agree that the episode where Dex goes to visit his girlfriend’s massive Tory mansion and has dinner with her insufferable family.

And one of the strangest of the whole episode is the weird game they play, Are You There Moriarty? It’s apparently Sylvie’s Mummy’s absolute FAVOURITE. And, despite Dex nearly breaking his girlfriend’s nose in the process, you’ve probably been possessed with a huge desire to know what on earth the game is and how you play it. And no, it’s nothing to do with Andrew Scott in Sherlock.

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What equipment do you need to play Are You There Moriarty from One Day?

You just need two blindfolds and a rolled-up newspaper. Of COURSE Sylvie’s girlfriend’s family newspaper of choice is a copy of The Times. And honestly you probably all need a drink or two because playing this game stone-cold sober must feel deeply, deeply awkward.

So, how do you play Are You There Moriarty?

Are You There Moriarty is a parlour game (another phrase for posh people game) and basically, you just have a blindfolded duel with another person.

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Two people are blindfolded and given a folded-up newspaper to use as a weapon. You then both lie on your front, head to head, with about three feet of space between you OR (which is the version played in the show) you just hold hands.

The starting player with the newspaper asks “Are You There Moriarty” and the other player has to reply “yes”. You’ve then just gotta try and whack each other with your newspaper by swinging at their head. The first person to be hit is out of the game and another player replaces them. Your aim is to stay in the as long as possible without being hit.

Who needs Ring of Fire when you’ve got Are You There Moriarty!

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