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8am meeting workout class

Girl says she can’t make an 8am meeting at her new job because she has a workout class

One person came for her saying ‘You just started this job, I don’t give a flying sh*t about your workout class’

People are absolutely going for a girl who said she can’t make an 8am meeting at her new job because she has a gym class and it’s kinda brutal.

In a TikTok, originally posted by the podcast Demoted, the hosts discuss a scenario when a girl the company just hired at work was asked to come in for an 8am meeting and she said she couldn’t because she had a workout class.

But now everyone is fully beefing as they argue over who is in the right and who is in the wrong.

Natalie, known on TikTok as Corporate Natalie reads out the scenario: “When asked to come in for an 8 am meeting, my Gen Z new hire said, ‘Urgh, sorry, I can’t make it, I have a workout class.’ Should this be allowed?” they questioned.

The other host Ross replies: “My visceral reaction was are you fucking kidding me? Like my hands are shaking and it’s not from caffeine”.

Natalie adds: “No fully like anger typing this out I was like, please.”

“You just started this job, I don’t give a flying shit about your workout class. Also, an 8am workout class is too late. Work out at six, maybe seven.”


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Ross added: ‘To monopolise your calendar for things that I would consider to be personal time, that’s gonna be a no for me dog. You’re going to have to give up some things.”

“You’re not really allowed to do that when you’re first starting your career I’m sorry,” Natalie added.

The video caused a massive debate in the comments with some people arguing that their response was out of touch and that no one should be having to work outside their scheduled hours but with other people arguing that the Gen Z generation has no work ethic.

One comment reads: “Not Gen Z complaining about doing the work they are being PAID to do. God help us all.”

One comment reads: “Not Gen Z complaining about doing the work they are being PAID to do. God help us all.”

In the video, he says: “Hi, yeah Natalie we can talk about this more later but I’m going to address this now. It was made very clear during the interview process that the working hours for this position are between nine to five pm. I made that very clear with HR because I have commitments outside of work. I go to the gym, I work out because I care about my health. Sure I can make a sacrifice to go to an 8am meeting had I known at least a week before that I needed to go at 8am, not a day before.

“Also, my workout class starts at 7:30am, not 8am but I didn’t know that I needed to tell you that okay. So let’s just say I skip the gym, when can I expect you to reimburse me for my class and are you gonna be paying me from 8am to 9am? Or at the very least let me leave at 4 pm. Natalie if your answers to both of those are no then there’s no discussion needed.”

Corporate Natalie has now posted an apology video over the whole saga where she said: “Hi everyone, I’m the person in that video, first things first we made the decision to take down the video so it’s no longer there. We got a lot of heat and rightfully so, it was getting vicious in the comments so we decided to take it down. To be clear we fully deserve this heat.”

She explained that although she didn’t condone people working outside their contracted hours, the girl involved was a salaried employee and that the 8am meeting was scheduled quarterly and put in place so other offices in different time zones could attend.


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