filthiest uni cities

These are officially the filthiest UK uni cities, so please go wash your crusty bedding

Nah refusing to believe Newcastle is the cleanest uni

Probably one of the biggest stereotypes about uni students besides, you know, just being pissed all the time is that we’re dirty and live in absolute squalor. But how much does the stereotype actually stand up?

Well, Showers to You has worked out the filthiest uni cities by calculating how often people in each uni city wash their towels and bedding and what percentage only wash them every three months or more.

In probably the most surprising discovery of all of this, Newcastle students are the cleanest, with only 22 per cent of people washing their bedding and towels once every three months or more. This is closely followed by Southampton at 28 per cent and Nottingham at 31.1 per cent. But, flipping over to you lot who are absolutely grim, Leicester is officially the most filthy uni city with 40 per cent of people only washing their bedding and towels every three months or more. This is closely followed by Glasgow at 40.8 per cent. Yikes.

So these are officially the filthiest UK university cities, based on how often students wash their towels and bedding:

15. Newcastle – 22 per cent

14. Southampton – 28 per cent

13. Leeds – 31.30 per cent

12. London – 31.40 per cent

11. Cardiff – 31.70 per cent

10. Manchester – 32.40 per cent

9. Bristol – 33.30 per cent

8. Liverpool – 33.90 per cent

7. Nottingham – 34.10 per cent

6. Birmingham – 35.70 per cent

5. Edinburgh – 35.80 per cent

4. Coventry – 36 per cent

3. Sheffield – 37.50 per cent

2. Glasgow – 40.80 per cent

1. Leicester – 40.90 per cent

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