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Introducing The Greggs Uni Guide: Unis ranked by number of Greggs within a mile of campus

First came The Good Uni Guide, then came The Tab’s Greggs Uni Guide

There are a million different uni rankings that come out each year, all ranking UK universities on different things like student satisfaction teaching quality, entry requirements or employment prospects. And, let’s be honest, every time you read them you yawn, don’t you? Because none of that actually means anything. What you really want to know is how far will you have to peel yourself out of your cosy warm bed in the morning to get a sausage bean and cheese melt when you’re morbidly hungover.

Well, as of September 2023, there are 2,406 Greggs shops in the UK and 166 universities. So which unis are hogging them all? And which uni do you need to go to for the optimum chance of literally being surrounded by sausage rolls? Finally, we’ve got a league table where Oxbridge isn’t even an afterthought for!

The Greggs Uni Guide: These are the universities with the most Greggs within a one-mile radius of the campus:

10. University of Sunderland

Bolstering its rep for the North East being the Greggs capital of the UK, The University of Sunderland has three Greggs within a mile of the campus putting it in 10th place on the Greggs Uni Guide.

9. Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Met is ninth with four Greggs within a mile of the uni. This is four Greggs lower than Uni of Manchester which has eight.

8. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow has four Greggs shops in a one mile radius of its campus putting it in eighth place.

7. Sheffield Hallam University

Just one more than Glasgow, Sheffield Hallam is the seventh best uni for Greggs enthusiasts. Hallam has five Greggs within a mile of the campus.

6. Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent is sixth with students also having five Greggs to choose from within a mile of the uni.

5. University of Manchester

Uni Greggs

Far beating Man Met, The University of Manchester is fifth with eight Greggs within a one mile radius of the uni.

4. University of Liverpool

In fourth place is The University of Liverpool where students craving a cheeky steak bake have 11 Greggs shops to choose from within a mile of the uni.

3. Leeds Beckett University

Finding itself above Uni of Leeds in the Greggs Uni Guide, Leeds Beckett is the third best UK uni for sausage roll lovers. It has 13 Greggs within a mile of the campus.

2. Northumbria University

Tied with Leeds, Northumbria University in Newcastle also has 13 Greggs within a mile of the uni.

1. Cardiff University

Officially top of the Greggs Uni Guide we’ve got Cardiff with a huge 14 Greggs within one mile of the campus. Considering it takes the average person around 15-22 minutes to walk a mile, that is seriously impressive and I’m just imagining about six Greggs all next door to each other in a row. Greggs crawl anyone?

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