Circuit is opening in Cardiff this Friday: Here’s what we know

Every weekend it’s £4.50 for a double vodka and mixer

Circuit, the newest nightclub in Cardiff, will be opening this Friday.

It is located on Greyfriars Road, in place of the old Pryzm, and will be open 10:30am to 3am every Monday, Friday and Saturday.

However, Circuit are very keen to distance themselves from Pryzm and they are not the same club. As a result, they have redesigned the whole building and management.

They have four rooms, one VIP area which will have a private bar and DJ, and a ‘PINK’ room, which lives up to its name because everything is pink and great for taking photos you probably won’t remember in the morning.

Circuit also stated they have a ball pit located in the building, but it’s up to you to find it.

Circuit is very student friendly in terms of pricing, it’s free entry before 11pm Friday and Saturdays, and they also have lots of drink deals.

Our favourite deals are:

  • Double vodka and mixer for £4.50
  • Single vodka and mixer for £3.50
  • Double vodka Redbull £5
  • 6 Jung bombs for £10
  • 6 shots of tequila, sambuca or corkys for £10

They have reportedly also made “positive changes to the security” on the premises.

Mondays are called Watermelon Sugar Mondays” and we get the vibe it is going to be the cheese music we know and love.

Fridays are called “IYKYK” and Saturdays are called “Bad Decisions”. Trust us when we say, many bad decisions will be had here.

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