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A full rundown of the Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorce drama, because I need a minute

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It’s been an absolutely wild 24 hours since news broke of Joe Jonas officially filing for divorce against his wife and Game of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner. And the internet has not taken it well. There’s been rumour after rumour circulating over their split – so much so that it’s hard to keep up and no one seems to know what’s going on anymore. From Sophie being blamed for partying too hard, to Joe spotting something suspicious on their home security Ring camera system – what on earth is going on? After following their relationship timeline throughout the years, we’re all gutted to hear the of their split – and obviously are now in need of a Joe Jonas Sophie Turner divorce timeline just to be able to keep up with the drama. We’ve collectively gone through the five stages of grief together, and I’m not quite sure I’ve reached the acceptance stage yet.

Here’s the complete Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorce timeline:

Fans spotted Joe without his wedding ring


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Videos circulated on TikTok claiming Joe was seen without his wedding ring on. The internet immediately went wild and begun speculating what could have happened between the pair. But despite that, Joe posted a photo of him and his brothers on his Instagram the same day, wearing the ring. Mind fuck!

September 3rd: TMZ received rumours of the couple’s split

Just one day later on September 3rd, TMZ reported that Joe Jonas had “consulted” with two LA-based divorce lawyers with the intention of divorcing his wife of four years, Sophie. According to a source, Joe had been taking care of the kids “pretty much all of the time” while Sophie has been working in the UK for the past three months.

The internet was shocked by the news and hoped the rumours weren’t true, but began piecing theories together after fans noticed the Jonas Brothers were skipping Hesitate in the setlist of their most recent concerts, the song described by Joe as “a love letter” to Sophie.

September 3rd: Joe was spotted wearing his ring again

That night, Joe was seen wearing his wedding ring again during the Jonas Brothers concert in Austin. Everyone’s head became truly scrambled at this point.

September 5th: News broke that Joe has officially filed for divorce against Sophie

Confirming the rumours to be true, Today confirmed that Joe Jonas officially filed for divorce on Tuesday, stating in documents that the marriage is “irretrievably broken”. He asked for joint custody of the couple’s two children after they have been primarily living with him.

September 6th: Joe and Sophie released a joint statement on Instagram

The couple shared a joint statement on Instagram, stating the end of their marriage and that it was mutual and amicable. The post acknowledged the rumours circulating as “speculative narratives” and requested privacy during their united decision.

September 6th: Sophie’s partying is blamed for the divorce, but the internet defends her

New sources claimed Sophie and Joe lived very different lifestyles, with Sophie being said to like partying, while Joe “liked staying home”. The internet went wild over this, with people online quickly branding her as a bad parent and wife and comments like “Desert your kids much? Not a good look,” appearing on her Instagram.

Not only was this rejected by many fans, with people highlighting Joe’s party lifestyle too, but people were baffled at the claims Sophie enjoying herself was to blame for the couple’s split and considered it totally unfair.

September 6th: Joe allegedly saw something on their Ring doorbell

New reports claimed that Joe’s decision to file for divorce was related to something suspicious he saw on their Ring camera system. Joe had apparently witnessed Sophie doing or saying something on the motion activated camera which made him realise the marriage was over. People have been speculating what it could be, with this said to be Joe’s “final straw”, TMZ reported.

September 6th: Photos of Sophie partying in Birmingham surface

Just days after their confirmed split, images began circulating of Sophie partying over the weekend in Birmingham. The actress can be seen drinking at Dropshot Digbeth at what appeared to be the wrap party for the upcoming TV series she had been filming, Joan.

Sophie was said to be partying “without a care in the world”, with bar manager Herzon Stephenson telling MailOnline he “couldn’t believe how happy and relaxed she was” and that “you would never have thought that she was going through a divorce”.

Yet again, people have gone mad, with many claiming that Sophie’s behaviour is to blame, among disapproving headlines which infer she feels trapped and is reliving her youth while Joe is in the US looking after their kids.

Although others wholeheartedly disagree, commenting on her Instagram things like “the way Joe and his publicist smear your name in media is unacceptable and disgusting” and “His team is just painting her in a bad light. The Queen in the North is keeping it classy”. It seems that the majority of people are in support of Sophie and don’t consider her the villan in this for being snapped downing a few £6.50 cocktails on a night out. I’m sure we’ve all done worse.

September 7th: A video of Sophie saying she’s a ‘homebody’ circulates

Seemingly turning the tables yet again, a past video of Sophie claiming to be a “homebody” has reappeared, with fans recalling how she expressed how much she enjoyed being at home multiple times. In an interview during the Covid-19 lockdown with Conan O’Brien, Sophie says she was “kind of loving” being in quarantine. She also said she was “an introvert” and that if she could stay home all day, she would. This was lapped up by fans of Sophie’s, used as rock solid evidence to debunk rumours that her party lifestyle broke down the marriage.

September 7th: Taylor Swift’s song about Joe Jonas gets dredged up by the Swifties

And of course, the Swifties couldn’t not say their two pence. Taylor’s old songs Forever & Always, Last Kiss and Mr. Perfectly Fine are supposedly written about her 2008 split with Joe and in them, Taylor effectively suggests that Joe love bombed her when they first met.

The songs infer that Joe was strategic and desperate to look like like the good guy, so now the internet is pretty much convinced that he’s the bad guy and has been all along. The resurfacing of these anthems could be considered a silent show of support for Sophie, as Swifties stick by her and do what they do best.

September 7th: Joe is said to have been “less than supportive” after the birth of their second child

Yet another source comes out of the woodwork to reveal how Joe and Sophie’s first problems stemmed when he became “less than supportive” after the birth of their second child in 2022. Sophie was said to have struggled after the birth, with Joe pressuring her to attend events.

September 21st: Sophie sued Joe over wanting to bring their children to the UK

And it just gets wilder. Two weeks after the media circus surrounding their divorce, Sophie has sued estranged husband Joe Jonas in order to bring their two children to the UK.

Court papers filled yesterday in Manhattan outlined how Sophie wished to bring the couple’s daughters, aged three and one, to their “forever home” in England.

The lawsuit also further claimed that Joe is currently withholding the children’s passports so that they cannot return to England with their mother.

Sophie cited in the lawsuit the International Child Abduction Remedies Act and states that their children are being “wrongfully retained” in New York City, beginning Wednesday 20th September.

September 21st: Joe’s representative corrected claims made in the lawsuit

Joe Jonas’ representative released a statement to The Tab, outlining that the couple’s children “were not abducted” and labelled the lawsuit filed by Sophie Turner as “misleading”.

They further explained how the Florida Court Order for their divorce “restricts both parents from relocating the children” and that if Joe were to hand over their passports he would be in breach of this order. The statement outlines how Joe is “seeking shared parenting with the kids” so they are raised by both their mother and father and both in the U.S and the UK.

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