Love Islanders who have got matching tattoos

All the Love Island couples who have gone on to get matching tattoos together

Some of these are very questionable

Some couples get matching pyjamas, others get permanent ink put on their body within three months of knowing each other because they’re so certain they’re each other’s soulmates. Whether you think it’s cute or incredibly reckless, it’s not stopping these Islanders from proclaiming their love for each other by getting inked up.

From matching zodiac signs to initials, here are all the couples from Love Island who felt confident enough to make a permanent addition to their body by getting matching tattoos.

Molly Marsh

Love Islander Molly Marsh with a tattoo for her boyfriend

Via Instagram @mollygracemarsh

Love Island’s Molly Marsh has unveiled a cosmic tattoo tribute to her boyfriend Zachariah Noble. She took to Instagram to document her trip to the tattoo parlour, before showing off the sweet tribute.

“I decided to get both mine and Zac’s Zodiac signs on my wrist & a cute little butterfly on my thumb to start my finger tattoos!”

Zach also got a tattoo at the same time as Molly, choosing to get a finger spinning a basketball, which is slightly less romantic…

Still, as the comments pointed out Mitch is also a Gemini like Zach so if it doesn’t work out for the two of them she has a backup man.

Tasha and Andrew

Love Islanders Tasha and Andrew with a matching rose tattoo

Via Instagram @andrewlepage

These two really are my absolute faves from Love Island, and the two got matching rose tattoos within just a few months of dating. Tasha got the tattoo on her neck and Andrew on his hand. Tasha has previously said that the rose is her “favourite flower” so the tattoo has a special significance to her.


Andrew is consistently setting the bar higher and higher for boyfriends everywhere. Not only did he get the cute matching rose tattoo with Tasha, but also got a tattoo of Tasha’s cochlear implant. And to top it off the hand is making the sign of “I love you” in British Sign Language, I’m actually in tears.

Genuinely want these two to adopt me.

Alex and Olivia

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Genuinely want these two to adopt me.

Alex and Olivia

Alex and Olivia are one of the biggest success stories to come out of Love Island, with the two now married with an adorable son. A testament to proving that matching tattoos doesn’t spell the end of a relationship, the two got a king and queen card symbol with a heart on their wrists.

Very wholesome!

Adam and Zara

Adam and Zara being in a relationship feels like a bit of a fever dream, to be honest, so it’s only expected that the two got matching tattoos. They both got each other’s initials tattooed on them, with Zara getting an ‘AC’ and Adam a ‘Z’.

But after their breakup Adam got his removed with a laser and I would assume Zara did the same, since you can no longer see the tattoo in any of her pictures.

Jess and Dom

These two are another matching tattoo success story, with the two now being married with two children together. Getting a very on-brand Love Island tattoo complete with palm trees, hearts and each other’s initials, it’s like these two were trying to tick a bingo list of tattoo criteria.

In an iconic move, the post the two made about their matching tattoos was sponsored by a tattoo aftercare product, leading me to wonder whether they got the tattoo just for that sweet sponsor money. Either way, they got that coin and a cute tattoo in the process.

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