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The most ethereal lyrics from Laufey’s Bewitched that will shatter your heart into pieces

Crying, screaming and throwing up to ethereal jazz pop

Tiktok’s jazz-pop sensation, Chinese-Icelandic singer Laufey Jónsdóttir, released her sophomore album Bewitched this weekend, and as the title suggests, fans are absolutely Bewitched by this album and its lyrics. Laufey pays careful attention to jazz instrumentation as well as beautiful songwriting to conjure up songs that cast lovelorn spells onto listeners’ ears.

With jazz being rediscovered by Gen-Z listeners, Laufey is bringing them beautifully crafted songs of the genre, laced with sounds of pop and indie. Her debut album introduced us to the ideas she was experimenting with, and this follow-up has cemented her sound, technical ability, and talent for storytelling – ripe for breaking the hearts of audiences around the world. But why listen to me? Take a look for yourself. Here are lyrics that will shatter your heart into a million pieces from Laufey’s album Bewitched.


“And no boy’s gonna be so smart as to/ Try and pierce my porcelain heart/ No boy’s going to kill the dreamer in me”

And nobody should. I love the imagery of a porcelain heart, something hard but delicate and if dropped will smash into pieces. Casual dating will not kill the wonder of love for Laufey.

Second Best

“I loved you so much that I settled for less/ Oh, you were my everything, I was your second best”

One-sided love is devastating and Laufey conveys this in such a poignant way. It hurts so much finding out you’re not the first option and that the care you put towards someone isn’t reciprocated with the same energy. Who hurt you bestie?



“I know he don’t love me quite like I love him/ I swear to myself as he leaves at dawn/ This will end, ’til he haunts me again”

Ugh, everyone has that one person. You tell yourself this is the last time, “I’m out after this”, only to be roped back in. Ghost them now or they’ll be back to haunt you.

Must be love

“You make a sappy stupid something out of mе/ The kind I swore I’d never be/ I’m awake inside a dream”

“You make a sappy stupid something out of mе/ The kind I swore I’d never be/ I’m awake inside a dream”

“I can’t quite believe you think I’m beautiful/ Must be a trick, a “Tag and you’re it”, kind of foolery”

Can we please find and punish the people that made Laufey feel like this? Finding the confidence to feel loved is hard and this line just really hits the nail on the head.


“In the morning, you’re not in my bed/ I’ll just sleep until I fall dead/ To the memory of your lips/ God, I’m so lovesick/ What have you done to me?” 

Love, but a melancholic kind of love. Are they coming back? Why are they all I can think of? Should I text them back? Is this a spell? Laufey’s tapping into that mystic theme that the album is titled after and haven’t we all felt like we’ve been a little cursed to be lovesick?


California and Me

“Could’ve fought for you but I just let you leave/ Hurt too much to consider you didn’t love me”

I can’t imagine what Laufey had to go through to come up with this line. But she was cooking. And the food is salted with tears.


“It hurts to be something/ It’s worse to be nothing with you”

Oh. My. God. Laufey was not holding back the punches. It’s a feeling you feel only when you experience being nothing. But is it worth still being something? Your brain says one thing but the hurt in your heart says something else.

From the start

“Oh, the burning pain/ Listening to you harp on ’bout some new soulmate/ “She’s so perfect,” blah, blah, blah”

Don’t be living in the friendzone like this. Just tell them.



“Can’t you see that you’re leading me on/ And it’s just what I want you to do?”

A stunning cover of Errol Garner and Johnny Burke’s jazz standard. But one of the worst situations to be in. You know it’s wrong, so why are you letting it happen? Love isn’t blind, it’s blinding.


“In years when we’re losing our memory/ The world’s taken leaps over time/ I hope that you’ll look at me like I’m still twenty-three/ Hope that you still be mine”

One can only dream of having a love this pure. Everybody wants to feel like this so bad.

Letter To My 13 Year Old Self

“I wish I could go back and give her a squeeze/ Myself at thirteen/ And just let her know, know that she’s beautiful”

This one really hit. There’s so much you want to tell your younger self and heal that inner child. This whole song was devastatingly pretty and if you’ve ever felt like a bit of an outsider because you looked and sounded different, this song will end you.


“I’ve never been through/ This all-consuming fire fuming/ Cursing at the moon and losing”

This song is such a beautiful closer with instrumentation that makes you feel like you’re in a Disney movie. It really does feel like you’re on the brink of falling in love. If you’re at the end of the album and you aren’t sitting in a pool of your tears and emotions, I want to know who stole your soul.

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