These crazy Top Boy moments from Summerhouse to season three prove it’s the best show on TV

The characters are just built different

Top Boy has been bringing us some of the craziest and most devastating plot moments for just over a decade. Although initially canceled after the release of Top Boy Summerhouse season two, Drake (yes, Aubrey Graham Champagne Papi the third) helped renew the show for three more seasons.

With Top Boy season three released this past weekend, what better time to reflect on some of the moments that made us all fall off the edge of our seats. And I’m talking about Summerhouse too because if you haven’t watched it you’re a fake fan.

Modie is broken out of prison

“Fresh home… daily offender, crazy eastender” – this line is the main reason this scene made the list with an amazing performance from Dave as Modie. Modie’s entrance back into the fray was chaotic and violent, a perfect representation of his character arc in the show. The timing of this scene definitely helped raise the tension of the season, throwing a spanner in the works for Jamie and creating a definitive threat to Sully. Also if you weren’t gassed to see Dave absolutely killing this role I don’t know what to tell you.

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Lauryn escapes from Curtis in a taxi

No, but for real, I was stressing during this scene. Curtis was an absolute terror in the show and this was definitely one of the moments where things were getting too real. The cabbie saying he was going to open the doors, Lauryn screaming, Curtis and his mates banging on the windows – I wasn’t running a marathon, why was my heart pumping like that though?

top boy best moments

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Vincent gets stabbed

Benedict Wong really has been delivering some great performances for ages now. His character in Summerhouse, Vincent, was cold-hearted and cruel. This man was taking his rage out on little boys for what? Mad money, sure, but he needed to relax. Gem’s dad finding out about Vincent was devastating but him beating Sully and Dushane to stab Vincent was a great scene.

Sully kills Dris

“If you’re gonna do it, do it fam” – Dris’ death was crazy. He did some messed up stuff for sure, but ending his story with Sully doing the deed was heartbreaking. Dris had a daughter and Sully really trusted him. You can see the pain in Sully’s eyes before the screen fades to black and you hear a gunshot. Chills.

top boy best moments

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Dushane and Sully kidnap Kamale

I felt like Summerhouse seasons one and two were so different from the rest of the seasons because killing someone was taken so seriously. Killing Kamale wasn’t just a simple task. By this point, it’s established how hard it is to cover up something like murder. As we go into season two Kamale’s kidnapping and murder become the driving force behind the events of the season. This death felt super intense.

Leon saves Ra’Nell from Sully

On the list of characters I really didn’t want to see die, Leon was high up there. He was such a great father figure for Ra’Nell and the whole season sets us up to love this character only to pull the rug out from underneath us. As much as I saw this coming, it was still an impactful moment in the show.

Jamie kills Kit

So close. He was so close. They were ready to leave, Kit helped Jamie so much and stuck his neck out for him. Jamie is a cold character and this scene had me questioning everything. It really do be your own guys sometimes.

The fire at Ramsgate

The entire Ramsgate arc for Sully really showed us the beauty in his life. For a second we really thought he could be happy and his relationship with Jason was so touching to watch. But we can never have anything nice in this show and this moment was a testament to that. Jason was screaming in terror for help. I was definitely not ok after this scene.

top boy best moments

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Michael is thrown off Summerhouse

On first watch, this was absolutely insane to see. Michael’s last-ditch effort to make things right and save Dushane from the Albanians only for him to get yeeted off the balcony at Summerhouse. This is also the first time we really feel like Dushane is out of his depth. Michael’s piercing scream, his hurtling down to his death, and the fear in Dushane’s face – the writers were really cooking. Top Boy really gave us some of the best season finales. Speaking of which…

Sully kills Jamie

This had to be on here. This season finale had me staring at the wall for an hour in disbelief. The setup was fantastic – a nice family dinner with Jamie and his brothers and then a knock at the door. Anybody in that room could have answered the door. It had to be Jamie, it had to be Sully behind the door, and Stef had to see it.  I don’t know what we’ve got in store for season 3 but it’s going to be hard to beat this moment.

top boy best moments

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